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Have you ever tried to let your gear/pedalboard be bless by your priest/pastor??

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Let me share my story. Wayback in 2008, i bought a greg bennett fastback red in color which i bought in lazer sm fairview.. After one day, i was thinking of my guitar to blessed by our priest in morning breeze caloocan.. As i get there and the priest starts to bless my guitar after his prayer and started to
Sprinkle holy water to my guitar i was struck blinded and i cant see for few seconds i only saw bright and clear white i cant see the priest and my guitar that i am holding. As i fell down on my knees, and shout Jesus patawad!! And i dropped down my guitar. After shouting, my sight already returned and i look on my guitar the altar helper got my guitar.. I thought it suffered scratches and dings but it didnt took any damages.. The priest ask what did i saw, i saw a blinding light and He said to me if i can go to be a missionary because someone told him that i must join the seminary to become a priest. After i went home.. I was really really frightened that time up until now i didnt join the seminary.

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Perhaps you were destined to join the music ministry of Lord Jesus Christ's Prophet to Pinas ;-)

Way back 2008 or 09, nagkaron kami ng bagong Roland RD-700 and a Juno, ni lay hand ng Pastor yung kanyang kamay sa instrument and pinagpray.

Well, if the instrument is for the Lord, i see no problem with that, sa ibang simbahan nga na encounter ko pa bagong kotse binebless, projector atbp.

I never tried. pero pinag pray ko ung gamit ko before using. ung mga hindi ko pinag pray nabebenta agad dahil pinag sawaan ko kaagad. parang ewan lang.

 have never tried it. kasi need daw basain pag ganun. hahahhaa


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