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who'll forget 'bout the Flaming Lips !!?

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:cool:   Flaming Lipsters enthusiaz..  join me in mesmerizing the good 'ol songs of the band i'd alwayz admired..

"she uses vaaaaa-selline..."

they're one of the most underrated bands around. bands like the strokes and the hives took the glory that was supposed to be theirs.

yes one of the best.maybe they are good in that way.have you heared the lastest songs from them.triippy:eek:

the flaming lips kick ass....i saw them as beck's backing band...and their show was really one of the most trippy experiences ive had...buubbles, mascots, psychedelic was like a being a child again and dreaming...i have finally convinced some of my friends to become flaming lips converts and give up their [gooey brown stuff]...we're going to a show on may 31st...its really cool how these guys managed  to get where they is proof that it doesnt really take that much talent...only the will and the faith in music...

sssshhhhh...its a sin even typing the bands name here...shhh


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