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hey guys and gurus, matagal ko nang napansin na may mga tanong na paulit ulit na tinatanong via new threads, kasi unavailable yata most of the time yung search function, so i figured we should have a FAQ thread (na sana gawing sticky).

if you can think of a frequently asked question (and its appropriate answer) kindly post it, tapos isa-summarize ko lahat dito sa first post. objective questions are encouraged, pero pwede rin subjective, magiingat lang tayo sa pagsagot.

thanks! post away!

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FAQs regarding GUITARS:
do you want to customize your guitar? does your guitar need repairs? here are some luthiers.
- John Dela Cruz of Elegee Guitars (with pics and samples)
- Arie Hipolito of Guitar Hospital
- Jun Castro of Roadtone Guitars
- Max Rufo of Max Rufo Guitars

"pag ginamit ko yung tremolo ng floating bridge, nawawala sa tono." "hindi parehas yung tono ng string when plucked open and pressed sa 12th fret."
- Setup the floating bridge correctly and intonate the guitar, respectively.
- consider buying locking tuners
- click the link for detailed answers
- or this
- or this
- intonation problem

"ano po ba ung scalarizer?"
- i'm going to wait for the inventor to post or PM the answer.
- Scalarizer Thread 1
- Scalarizer Thread 2

"tips naman on wiring my guitar's pickups, pots and electronics!" (NEW!)

ang bilis magka-rust (kalawang) sa strings ng gitara ko. what should i do?
- punasan mo yung strings mo after every use.
- avail a dessicant (or any moisture absorber) and leave it on your guitar's hardcase / softcase.

are you having problems regarding bad fret buzz?
- increase string action
- is there a way to eliminate fretbuzz completely? ANSWER: NO. click links for more details

"ano po ang pagkakaiba ng set-neck sa bolt-on?"
- "Yung isa nakadikit yung isa nakaturnilyo." click the link for more details

what's the difference between a 7-string and a 6-string guitar?

do you want to repaint your guitar? click the link.

gusto mo bang pakintabin ang finish ng guitar mo at ang fretboard?
-Guitar Wax Question Thread
- Cleaning the Guitar Thread

paano i-adjust ang action ng acoustic guitar?

FAQs regarding AMPs:
does you amp need repair?
- Raul Quesada 09228077889
- Amp Repair Thread

what the hell are tube amps?

gaano katagal ang lifespan ng tubes sa Tube Amps?

pwede bang palitan ng EL34 power tube ang 6L6?
- short answer: NO.
- click this link for some other significant remarks.

tube amp problems.

FAQs regarding PEDALS:
are you having questions about analog pedals? baguhan ka lang ba sa analog pedals? galing ka ba sa multieffects at gusto mong lumipat sa analog at madami kang tanong? these threads are must reads.
- Analog 101 Thread
- For Effects Newbies

kanino po ako pwedeng magpa-mod ng pedals?
- BAMF (profile);u=6184 ,
- Ubersam (profile);u=15282
- JackBauer (samples),43262.0.html

"ano po ang ibig sabihin ng True Bypass?"
- ""true bypass" means that when the effect is off, your signal passes through the input jack to the output jack without going through the pedal's circuitry.  by doing this, mas nare-retain ang tonal integrity mo." click for more details

paano matatanggal ang hum / noise / buzz when using pedals?

are you looking for custom makers of pedalboards? here are some.
- turiguiliano (pm him);u=5598
- mang Robert (02)9908578
- mang Frank (+63)9284028063

are you in need of a powersupply? click the links for custom makers of PSUs.
-Kalikot Audio
-Pedal Max PSU
-Monde PSU

Converting an unregulated PSU to a regulated PSU

are you having trouble routing your pedals? kung paano sila pagsusunod-sunorin? click the link.

--- Quote from: Poundcake on August 02, 2006, 01:23:19 PM ---+1 sa guitar >> compressor >> distortion >> delay >> amp.

when putting the distortion pedal before the compressor, the clean guitar signal will be shaped into a distorted one (obviously) but then the compressor will even out the signal, making the output tone a lot less punchy and "ngongo". take note that since the input signal to the compressor is already distorted and amplified, any noise produced by the distortion pedal due to an increase in gain and the resistive components in its circuitry will also be processed by the compressor, kaya generally mas "noisy" rin ang setup na ganito. but pag inuna mo yung compressor before the distortion pedal, the compressor would only level out (boost weak signals, dampen strong signals) the raw guitar signal and the inherent unamplified pickup and cable noise, after which the distortion can do its thing without its "uneven waveform" characteristic being leveled out by compression. mas subtle ang effect ng compressor sa config na ganito but you'll have a more level guitar signal with more growl. you can have an even cleaner signal by adding a noise gate/suppressor right before the compressor (if necessary lang) :)

--- End quote ---

- Pedalboard Chain Routing Thread
- Help on Basic Pedal Setup Thread

are you having questions regarding Wah pedals? click the links.
-Weeping Demon VS Crybaby VS Badhorsie VS Vox VS Hellbabe Thread
-Dunlop Wah Question Thread
-Weeping Demon Wah by Ibanez Thread
- A Wah Pedal Question Thread
- Wah Recommendations

what is the best pedal for metal?
- Pedal for Metal Thread

"okey po ba ang Boston Pedals?" click the links.
- Boston Effects Thread

anong difference ng analog delay at ng digital delay?
-analogs are warm sounding, but usually has shorter delays. digital, on the other hand, sounds robotic but usually has long delays.
- Analog VS Digital Delay Thread

are you having questions about DOD pedals? click the link.
-DOD Pedals Thread

what is the deal with tube pedals?

"ano po ang difference ng overdrive sa distortion?" A classic one!
- Pedal Differences Thread
- Overdrive and Distortion Thread
- Overdrive? Distortion? Thread

what are the best possible combinations of an overdrive and a distortion?

what is the best all around distortion pedal?

All about Overdrive Pedals
- What is the best overdrive pedal Thread
- What is a good, stand-alone overdrive? Thread

- review of Matchless Hotbox Preamp/Overdrive
- review of Pro Analog Dirt Royale with Cheese
- discussions on Laney Amps
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- demos on the Behringer V-AMP2
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- review of Keeley DS1, MT2, and TR2
- review of Koch Pedaltone
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- discussions on Peavey Delta Blues and Classic 30 Tube Amps
- review of Emma Electronic ReezaFRATzitz
- review of the First Ever Diezel Herbert in the Philippines
- another more peaceful and extensive review of US$4100 Diezel Herbert

*** added this section to remove the guitar stores sticky thread: -mod ***


Multi-product Guitar Stores: - lots of boutique stuff, always in stock - great customer service - prices are a bit cheaper - high-end guitars - Phil - great non-boutique selection - America's leading guitar store chain - ayos na rin hehe - one of my favorite stores Smiley - Lollar, Fralin Suhr pickups - look for guitarbrat1's guitars for sale.. he always has lots of great stocks - BOUTIQUE - lots of Ibanez Perstige guitars - great selection as well - inquire for more boutique selections - pang true-bypass pedals - eto pedals, george l's cable, pedal boards - all-around selection, lots of software/accessories - good acoustic guitar selection, has Fender/Gibson/PRS as well - Japan-based guitar/pedal retailer - more guitars! - haven't checked this out yet, will add description later - parang Musician's Friend -- guitars, amps & related gear

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Guitar and DIY Spare Parts: - sells Callaham Strat/Tele parts - DPDT/3PDT switches, etc. - Callaham parts (obviously) - Titanium parts, great custom guitar shop - lots of guitar parts - even more parts - electronics - more parts - Fender and Gibson original parts - the ol' reliable replacement part supplier - DIY effects parts - DIY effects parts

Amplifiers: - entry-level to mid-priced amps - Soldano amps - make your own cabs - make your own cabs (only ships to Continental US) - Bogner amps - Diezel amps - Matchless amps - amplifier store

Tube Amplifier Kits - Ceria Tone - Weber Tube Amp Kits - Guytronix - The Amp Maker - Trinity Amps Mission Amps - Torres Engineering

Does speed rely on the player alone or is the guitar a factor too? :-D

i think a fast playing guitar player can play fast on a good guitar, and he can play a little slower on a poor guitar.

but a slow playing guitar player will still play slowly even if he played on a fast necked guitar.

so i think speed depends mostly on the player.

o rly?
i dont think thats a FAQ though..hehe Peace!

so yan pala mga natututunan mo sa USTE?? haha

magandang thread. GAWING STICKY!


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