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William Parker 4tet - 'O'Neal's Porch'

Shirley Horn - 'You Won't Forget Me'


Pastorius/Metheny/Ditmas/Bley - 'Jaco'

Keith Jarrett - 'My Song'

Jim Ayson:
Rediscovered this fusion classic: George Duke/Bily Cobham Band Live in Europe. Now it's getting a lot of iPod play:

Check out the band, circa 1976 or so....

drums - Billy Cobham
keyboards/vocals - George Duke
guitar - John Scofield
bass - Alphonso Johnson

Sounds great today and is hardly dated! Fuses jazz, latin, bebop, rock... with comedy. Check it out, yo

been listening again to arnold schoenbergs 'short piano pieces'... and chronos quartet..

intresting record u got there RENvill.. :-D

Pedro Aznar - Roar of the Southern Clouds (damn, can't insert the pic, right click disabled at work!)  :evil:

Metheny stated that Aznar plays bass like Jaco, ang guitar like... erm... Metheny! The album is Spanish, but catchy, with a modern twist. First time I heard and dug Hispanic techno-acid jazz with great bass soloing :-D

Oz Noy- Oz Live
Personnel: Oz Noy (guitar); James Genus, Reggie Washington, Will Lee (bass guitar); Anton Fig, Keith Carlock (drums).

I've been digging Oz alot, scary and musical, great grooves  :wink: man, he's like SRV meets Scofield, and wonderful harmonic vocabulary, new ideas... and the playing is totally raw, unlike other fusioneers. Fresh stuff. And his use of effects serves the musical purpose.


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