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vince,, i manage to get PDF filie of the book that you mentioned but their part that i cant understand, from page 12, their are notes, i can read the notes, but with the fingerings?? do i need to do for the fingering is only the low Bb?? thats the  part that i dont get about the fingerings,,??

educate me po mga master... planning to buy an alto saxophone if i read it right the things i should consider are


hmmm madalas kong mabasa yung conn24m body at yamaha 4c na mouthpiece... trip ko sana yung mga jazz type na sounds more than 10 years into guitar and i've learned other musical instruments na rin po such as keyboard, base, drums and i like the solemnity of the jazz music kaya parang trip ko yung alto sax... any one who can suggest a good starter set?

bro, hingin mo yung payo ni Wacks... may alto din sya

buhayin ko lang tong thread. newbie sax addict here.

nabasa ko kasi dito yung Solfeo. may nadownload ako kaso Spanish naman. ganun ba talaga yun? o may English version?

tahimik na dto halos lahat sa sax society phil na sa FB ah


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