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TALK @ - Official Rules and Regulations


TALK @ - Official Rules and Regulations

1. Keep the discussions within topic. Specific boards cater to specific posts; avoid posting off-topic/prohibited content. Don't be surprised if you get banned, you've been forewarned.

2. Respect each other's opinions. Avoid fighting and profanity; Any signs of destructive criticisms/arguments will be altered/deleted. PM the mods to mediate if in case.

3. Redundant threads will be merged (or deleted) without warning. Use the search function of the main PhilMusic site to look for previous existing threads.

4. Post appropriately. Avoid creating thread titles that are incomplete or off-topic. ALL CAPS on title and/or content, unnecessary poll use as well as exaggerated font sizes or txt/jeje speak are prohibited.

5. Piracy is not allowed here. No warez, cracks, serials or illegally obtained copyrighted content! Links to content of a questionable nature, asking for, offering, or asking for help/helping to process such content in any way or form is not tolerated. Posts of this nature will be locked and the IP of the poster logged.

6. Use common sense and good taste in selecting images in general. Keep the size of avatars/personal images down to accommodate dial-ups where large images can have slow download times.

7. No impersonating. Do not post using a false email address or false identity, including those of other forum participants or public figures. To anybody caught doing this, expect a message from the PhilMusic Admin.

Classifieds: Rules & Regulations

Please consolidate ALL classifieds related posts (FS,FT,LF et al) within a single thread. Redundant or multiple posts would be merged (or deleted) without notice.

ALL CAPS on title and/or content is prohibited. Aside from being referred to as shouting, it is definitely hard to read. Exaggerated font sizes are prohibited as well.

Excessive use of emoticons is prohibited. Same reason as above - it is hard to read the content with too much emoticon.

Do not make the thread a chat room. Avoid irrelevant posts. No threadjacking.

Bidding is not allowed. Post somewhere else if you wish to do so. PhilMusic is not a place for it.

Regularly bump your thread (1 bump per day). Inactivity of the thread for 10 days will be deleted. This is to reduce traffic and only show threads that are active to avoid inquiries such as "sir, available pa?"

Please change the thread title to "DONE/SOLD/FOUND/TRADED" when you have successfully bought/sold/traded an item, so we can easily monitor active threads.

Be sure to check the DO's & DON'Ts below. Remember to post properly.

Threads with such violations will be locked/deleted without notice. Don't want your thread locked/deleted? Follow simple instructions.

Posting format:

FS: For Sale
FT: For Trade
LF: Looking For
FSO: For Sale Only (Strictly for sale. Don't bother offering a trade.)
FTO: For Trade Only (Strictly for trade. Don't bother asking "sir how much po pag binili?".)
MTO: Made To Order
FS/FT: For Sale or Trade

Requirements when posting a selling ad:

Actual pics

DO's & DON'Ts
[✓] FS: 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Use proper character [:]. Uniform posts are easier to read.)
[✗] FS> 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard
[✗] F/S: 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard
[✗] FS 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard

[✗] h! ph0wxz.. naghhanap p0h aq ng fender stratocaster (Use proper LF: posting, no txt/jeje speak, and observe proper capitalization.)
[✓] LF: Fender Stratocaster

[✗] FS: BRAND NEW DEAN GUITARS, A DOZEN MODELS, FREE NIKON CAMERA BAG, JULY SALE!!! (Keep your pants on. No need to all caps. Post properly.)

[✗] Bumping your thread more than once within a day.

[✗] Creating a duplicate ads.

[✗] Selling fake items.

If your item is to be traded to a specific item, then that item can be posted on the specific item's classifieds section.
But if you're just looking for good offers for your bass guitar, no specific item in mind whatsoever, then post it on its proper section which is the Bass & Basses Accessories Classifieds.

[✓] FT: Fender Jazz Bass to your Gibson Les Paul (Posted on Guitar Classifieds.)
[✓] FT: Fender Jazz Bass to your Boss MT-2 Metal Zone (Posted on Guitar Accessories Classifieds.)

[✗] FT: Fender Jazz Bass to anything (Posted on Guitar Classifieds.)
[✗] FT: Fender Jazz Bass to anything (Posted on Guitar Accessories Classifieds.)
[✓] FT: Fender Jazz Bass to anything (Posted on Basses & Bass Accessories Classifieds.)

PhilMusic will not be held liable for transactions and/or mishaps that arise from private dealings with/among other members.
Members assume risk with every transaction, and are advised to exercise due caution.


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