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--- Quote from: raLpH_pEtRucCi on February 16, 2008, 11:22:29 PM ---
Name: Ralph de Guzman

Age: 17

I've been a drummer since: early summer 2007. . . that's 10 months.

I play drums for: i'm currently a soloist under [aMp] artist management. yeah, it sucks without a band. . .   :(

My favorite musical style/s: i'm actually open to all genres. i can go from hip-hop to emo to jazz to rock. you name it. except techno! :(

My favorite drummer/s: dave weckl, dennis chambers(i like his sound. madaldal na drums) haha, virgil donati, vinnie colaiuta, gregg bisonette (they say i sound like him), reli de vera(sino sikat), vic mercado(bamboo) janjan(urbandub), mike yu(another soloist), nikki cuna(hidden nikki from [aMp]), aldo vergel de dios(hansom), pat mcgrath(old saosin), drew soriano(higgledy piggledy)

My drum gear:

           Drum Stick preference: LAZER 8a USA hickory (try it. it's good)
                                             VIC FIRTH 5a
                                             STAGG oak 5a (it was good, but brittle!)

           Cymbal Set-Up:           SABIAN AA 14" Medium Hats
                                            SABIAN XS20 18" Medium Crash
                                            SABIAN Signature 21" Larrie Londin Brilliant Ride
                                            STAGG SH 16" Thin Crash Regular
                                            STAGG DH 18" Brilliant China
                                            STAGG SH 8" Medium Splash

           Snare Drum:               REYNOLD 13   x   3     Piccolo snare drum

           Pedal:                         PEARL P122TW PowerShifter Double Pedal

Additional info about myself:

check info about me on my multiply. dont forget to add me up :D

And oh yeah. . .

i didn't have formal lessons :D

thanks :D

--- End quote ---

Shet makapagupdate na hahahaha! antagal na pala! =)) nakakadiri yung post ko, saksakan ng yabang =)))
Name: Ralph de Guzman

Age: 23

I've been a drummer since: 2007. Awow. 7 years. =))

I play drums for: Midnight Meetings (main), session drumming for other bands

My favorite musical style/s: Hip-hop and Rock. :D

My favorite drummer/s: Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Aaron Spears, Steve Jordan, Michael Alba, Bagets Mendez, Rickson Ruiz, Alvin Meneses

My drum gear:
Drum Stick preference: VIC FIRTH 5A                                 

Current Cymbal Set-Up:           
SABIAN HH 16" Duo Crash
SABIAN Signature 21" Larrie Londin Brilliant Ride
ISTANBUL MEHMET Radiant 10" Splash
(Todo Downsize. :( sighhh...)

Snare Drum:               PEARL Piccolo Snare 13" Steel

Pedal:                         BASIX Reverse9 V6 Single Pedal

Additional info about myself:

I'm taking formal lessons soon! :)

Makasali nga dito  :-D

Name: Bogart Zapata

Age: 25

I've been a drummer since: 2005

I play drums for: Myself. As a hobby. Previously for Kitten Barbecue

My favorite musical style/s: rock, pop, funk, fusion

My favorite drummer/s: Carter Beauford, Dennis Chambers, Jojo Mayer, Mike Alba, Tony Royster when he was a kid, Bernard Purdie, Steve Gadd, Omar Hakim, Dave Weckl, Jhoon Balbuena

My drum gear:
Yamaha Gigmaker 20BD, 16FT, 14SD, 13LT, 12HT
LP Piccolo Jam Block

Drum Stick preference: Vic Firth 7A, Nova 7A, Vic Firth 9+1 hehehe                                 

Current Cymbal Set-Up:           
Sabian B8 14" med hats
Sabian B8 16" med crash
Sabian B8 20" med ride
Stagg Furia 8" splash
Stagg SH 16" china

Snare Drum: Yamaha Gigmaker 14x5, stock

Pedal: stock strap drive kick pedal

Additional info about myself:
I have an injury in my left forearm (twisted bone) that practically disabled fine motor movement, that's why I have a weird right hand heavy sticking, and I can't accomplish rudiments at normal speed  :-)


Name:alvin Joseph meneses


I've been a drummer since:1997

I play drums for:some guys and gals.

My favorite musical style/s: everything

My favorite drummer/s:vinnie colaiuta! Dr.gadd,Benny Greb, Chris Adler, mar dizon. Many drummers.

My musical influence/s: Oasis,then it spurted out.haha

My drum gear: pearl masterworks,custom snare with pao and vincher,pearl dd,
Zildjian cymbals. K,k custom, and a zildjian.

I'm a proud drummer because: groove man! Yun lang! No circus tricks,just let everyone follow your groove

Additional info about myself: I'm an advocate of rudiments and pls drums is not a competition.

Name: donbaes

Age: 28

I've been a drummer since: 2002

I play drums for: church and passion

My favorite musical style/s: pop rnb n virtuoso

My favorite drummer/s: virgil donati chris coleman at marami pang iba

My musical influence/s: israel houghton toto chris coleman

My drum gear: premier xpk yamaha sc, elims, chadsmith snare, Ks As AAXs

I'm a proud drummer because: hindi ko alam sagutin.haha
Additional info about myself: trip ko lang magsetup ng drums, pero magdrums hindi, gusto ko lang na tinitignan-tignan habang nakaset up...hehe promis totoo...aun... rakenrol to the world!

Name:Osbourne B. Cafe


I've been a drummer since:2002

I play drums for: Soundmerge band (Cebu based band), Miryclay, Citichurch worshipteam.

My favorite musical style/s: gospel, funk and jazz

My favorite drummer/s: Vinnie Colaiuta, Oscar Seaton, David Garibaldi, Rickson Ruiz, Benjie "Bagetz" Mendez , Michael Alba and many to mention

My musical influence/s: Church and gospel artist, Sting, The Police, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Eraserheads, Southborder, 

My drum gear: Pearl Forum 5 pc kit (10,13,14 toms) 22" Bass drum, Pearl Masters MCX maple 14x5.5 snare, Zildjian A Custom 18" crash,
Zildjian K ride 20", Zildjian A Custom mastersound hihats 14"

I'm a proud drummer because: I have the oppurtunity to give back my talent to our Lord Saviour and also to inspire younger drummers on the art of being the time keeper in the band.

Additional info about myself:

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