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updated April 2008

Name: Zig Rabara

Age: 27

I've been a drummer since: 1995

I play drums for: The Purplechickens, And Bandang Shirley, Outerhope

My favorite musical style/s: Rock, Jazz, Funk

My favorite drummer/s: Tony Williams, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Stanton Moore, Matt Cameron,  ?uestlove, Johnny Vidacovich, Earl Palmer, Phil Selway, Butch Vig, Mar Dizon, Koko Bermejo

My musical influence/s: I'll listen to anything because I know I'll pick something up.

My drum gear: 20" Zildjian K Custom Ride, 14" Stagg Vintage Bronze Hats, 16" Stagg Vintage Bronze Crash

I'm a proud drummer because: As a drummer, you ARE the groove and it's the groove that get's people's asses shaking.


Name: paolo vivas

Age: 26

I've been a drummer since: 1996

I play drums for: myself, alone in my room and since the start of '06 me and my old officemates formed an all-orig compo band bad pinky

My favorite musical style/s: funk, rock

My favorite drummer/s: jeff porcaro, stewart copeland, carter beauford, stanton moore, john bonham, the drummers of james brown (stubblefield and starks), gadd, jojo mayer, colauita, steve jordan, dennis chambers, portnoy

My musical influence/s: police, the dawn, fra lippo lippi, michael jackson (seriously) and lately its been joss stone, john mayer, pido and bamboo

My drum gear: 4-piece maya drums, homemade maple snare, saluda cymbals, dw5000 double peds, gibraltar single pedal, lp tamborine, jamblock, cowbell, egg shaker, cp bongo

I'm a proud drummer because: this is the only instrument i can express myself with eventhough i studied guitar and piano.

Additional info about yourself: adik sa anime, dating spinner/sound tech, mahilig kumain, tambay sa forum, pumapasok sa office para maghintay ng sweldo

eeeekk double post

dami pala nating magkaka age group dito  :D


Name: Miguel Paolo Dela Cruz

Age: 16 years old (yes im still a kid) :lol:

I've been a drummer since: 12 years old

I play drums for: press2play

My favorite musical style/s: halos lahat eh...pero mostly jazz (all types of jazz), funk, drum and bass, and alternative.

My favorite drummer/s: Dave Weckl! Vinnie Colauita, Steve Gadd, Vic Mercado, Michael Alba, Jun Regalado, Akira Jimbo, Steve Jordan and Mike Portnoy to name a few.

My musical influence/s: im between the funk/jazz style...some of my influences are dreamtheater (yup..may prog rock side ako), chick corea and the elektrik band, the police, dave matthews band...ang dami eh!!!

My drum gear:
Fernando import series drumkit, long lug (black)
Gibraltar single chain drive pedal
13" hi hat
18" crash ride
16" fast crash
crappy hardware and some books for the snare stand :lol:

I'm a proud drummer because:
chicks dig me? :? :lol:
mainly...its God's gift :)

Additional info about myself: i like sinigang! you can know more of me at its a forum dedicated to car addicts!

and syemre dito sa pinoydrums!  :-D

Inigo Mortel


I've been a drummer since:

I play drums for:
The Haneps, Mahasa

My favorite musical style/s:
Rock, Jazz

My favorite drummer/s:
Ginger Baker, Matt Cameron, Dave Grohl, Tony Williams, Koko Bermejo, John Bonham, Mike Dizon, Mar Dizon, Vinnie Paul

My musical influence/s:
Cream, Soundgarden, Led Zep, Megadeth, The Doors, Nirvana, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, White Zombie

My drum gear:
Drums: An old 5-piece "Tama" I got cheap as dirt (22, 16, 13, 12). Toms with old Remo Ambassadors. Kick with "Yema" heads.

2 old Tama stands
1 old Tama hi-hat stand
2 double-braced Raon stands
1 little clamp-on boom
Tama Iron Cobra Flexi-Glide Double Peds
Old Tama belt-drive single ped

Snare: Ludwig Classic Stainless 5.5x14 that came with the old "Tama". With an old Remo Dotted Ambassador.

Cymbals (by size):
10" Splash, Sabian B8
12" Splash, Saluda Mist
14" Hats, Paiste na unidentified entry-level ("made in Germany")
14" Regular Hats, Istanbul Mehmet Traditional
17" Trash Crash, Saluda Mist-X
18.5" Explosion Crash, Sabian Chad Smith Sig.
20" Crash, Saluda Mist-X
20" Medium Ride, Zildjian K Custom
22" Dark Ride, Zildjian K Custom
22" Heavy Ride, Saluda Diamond
24" Medium Ride, Zildjian A (70's hollow logo)

(no, I don't use all of them at once)

Sticks: Zildjian 5A Rock Nylon/Wood tip

Saving up for: A mid- or high-end kit (Gretsch Catalina Maple man lang)

I'm a proud drummer because:
I don't need no damn amps to be damn heard.

Additional info about myself:
Was a guitarist for about 10 years before becoming a drummer. Became a drummer because of necessity. Remained a drummer kasi masaya.

Tall, dark and handsome. Likes Korean women, ice-cold buko-pandan juice, and the color brown. Does not like animals.


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