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Lokomotiv Studio Shots Please Rate!!

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Hello Im Dennis and I did a couple of studio shots for Lokomotiv's media kit here in Laguna Niguel. Please rate them!! Thanks! If u want the photos U can have it but please retain the watermark if it has one. Thanks

BTW Lokomotiv is consist of former members of Wolfgang WOlf Gemora and Basti Artadi with Razorback's David Aguirre and Danny Gonzalez

33 views and not one soul would give a comment.


--- Quote from: DennisSantarinala ---33 views and not one soul would give a comment.
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here's a quote from the anything goes forum:

--- Quote from: pinkybrief ---ewan ko, kultura siguro ng mga pilipino, parang sa mga concerts saka gigs, pag sinabi ng host na "give it up for (this band/performer)"  wala man lang nag re react, parang may hay sa disyerto na dumadaan.
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anyway, the pics you posted are alright. they don't really impress me that much though. like, i know the second pic is from a live performance but i don't really feel anything though when i look at it. it looks... plain.

Ngayon ko lang nakita thread na 'to.

Kung i-post mo sa group na 'to, I can almost guarantee na may magre-react:

Trip ko yung B&W noong una.  Yung dilim noong background.  Liitan kaya yung watermark?


looks plain? Please explain. PLAIN is a very broad word. I dont think you even know how I took that live shot miss.


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