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hey guys i just bought a digicam bago ako nagbakasyon and i love fiddling around with it and heres the result. Can you pls. tell me what areas i can do to improve em. My cameras a SONY W1(5.1 megapixels) 8) thanks

First off, try turning off the camera's 'date stamping' feature. That's just annoying.

Next, I noticed your compositions (at least these four) are all centered. Try experimenting with more 'dynamic' compositions - read up on the 'rule of thirds' or the 'golden mean'.


good call bro but pls elaborate on the terms you said :D

I think I saw these earlier posted in a gallery in some photo list. Alistair is right, you can try *not* centering the subject for a change and see how that works with you.

The photo of the church is quite striking and has good exposure. I like the deep blue of the sky amd the whiteness of the clouds and the church. It almost looks like you used a polarizing filiter on the lens. What did you do , or did you just get lucky? hehe


--- Quote from: pallas ---good call bro but pls elaborate on the terms you said :D
--- End quote ---
The date stamping feature is that thing that puts that ugly date on all your shots.

A static something represents something that's solid and fixed. A dynamic anything connotes tension and movement.

Here's a link on the rule of thirds (straight from the first result given by Google). Here's the second link in Google's search results.

Here's a link to the Golden Mean in Art.

Remember, "Google is your friend." (tm)


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