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STOLENSHOTS, the SKA band that comes from the small town of Legazpi City, province of Albay.
The band was originally formed by one of the members of the band, Payirl, who at that time wanted to set a band just to join the band fest.
But because the members of the band had one thing in common, being a music lover and inspired by the music of the renown SKA bands,
they decided to continue what they had started, from that the name stolenshots was established.
On June 2008, the stolenshots is featured in the MUSIKMAX BICOL Cd compilation album under Rebolusyon Rekords
where they share three groovy and skankin’ original song compositions, “Movin’ to the Top” “Chocolate Brown Coffee”
and the anthemic “Rudies Cry”. Same that year they were also featured on another Bicolano cd compilation album,
 the RIBOK album, were their original song “All the while (I thought)” was the carrier single of the said compilation album.
The band dreams to build a SKA seal and scene not only on their hometown, but as well as throughout Bicol Region,
and express the SKA beat on their own stolenshots way, who knows??....One day…, one day, who will know...? Someday…someday, we suppose………

Official band/artists Updated band sites:
Contact information/booking information: 09102079062 (payirl)

Galing!!! Cool ng vibe :-)

I've seen these guys played. Astig!!! Pugay mates!

la nyong urag mga padi!

pugay! keep reggae music living in philipines!


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