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also every sunday - sunday reggae sunsplash, online reggae radio and


--- Quote from: dread@thecontrol on August 16, 2011, 04:47:29 PM ---You are SPAMMING and THREADJACKING my friend.

--- End quote ---

technically you have words for what i am doing, and technically you call it wrong. my apologies if i have violated anything in your perspective, my intent is to get the news out so people can heard more of reggae music, can find avenues to spread music. so if I am violating any RULES YOU HAVE, then my apologies, those rules are your technical rules, again I'm sorry. But for the fact that I am spreading and informing people about an avenue that they can prosper reggae music more, then I wont apologize for my act.


--- Quote from: dread@thecontrol on August 17, 2011, 04:15:38 AM ---It all boils down to plain and simple ETHICS (go figure it out). Everybody is free to post what they want here... by starting their OWN threads. Something you obviously did but did not seem to be satisfied with and had to spam everybody else's threads with your so called information.

I checked out your site. Now what reggae music are you talking about when your player chucks out rock music instead of reggae??? Or are you that confused??? Having an image of Bob Marley on your site DOES NOT make a reggae site. You wanna spread the word? Fix your site first before you go mouthing off your messianic message.

--- End quote ---

yes ethics

down the road, turn left, turn right, post there or post it where people are (spamming and no ethics)

Posted on: August 15, 2011, 05:15:27 PM - i posted this, that every sunday and plays reggae, this is the start of everything. plays different stuff, that is why i said EVERY SUNDAY

if you go around the site perhaps you'll see that it has reggae contents, mostly, like 98%

instead of supporting and building synergy, people are putting people down, this is babylon, despite that, I'm not gonna tolerate negativity, please feel free to put in your stuff in

be positive!

Here, the thread is all yours. It's pointless to argue with an idiot like you.


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