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Steve Gadd, Up Close Video/Book


hi guys, anyone here who has a copy of this video/book?

ye meron aku kaso nasa beta format...ngek!
great vid btw kahit na parang inaantok or naaasiwa si steve dun sa mc nya LOL!

Steve Gadd rocks.... he is my all time idol, him and Billy Cobham and Stewart Copeland. I don't have any videos of him just Dave Weckl in VHS format (which I can't watch 'cause my VHS player is busted).  Can someone recommend a good place in Metro Manila to convert this to DVD...  I also have Dennis Chambers and Dave Garibaldi instructionals on tape gathering dust :)

yes ser! ayos sila tata steve, cobham and copelan.

may alam ako sa bandang quiapo santa cruz ata kaso mahirap na baka i-pirate nila.


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