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Guitar Central / Re: Line6 Helix Native Plugin-In
« Last post by broduo on Today at 02:52:38 PM »
Musicians Wanted! / LF: session drummer for an indie band based in QC
« Last post by rrmode1 on Today at 02:19:50 PM »
Hey, y’all. We might need a session drummer for a few months while our guy sorts out some
personal issues (full disclosure: the guy’s getting married in march). There are no definite plans, but I’m posting this anyway. We’re a pretty chill group of guys. Please read through the whole post so I won’t have to explain stuff lmao

You can listen to some of our stuff via spotify here:

Here are some recent features about the band:

#26 on FHM’s top local albums for 2017 @

#14 on buzzfeed’s list of great new indie bands @

#12 on music blog flying lugaw’s best albums for 2017 @

Here’s a review from cult blog weird era ph @

One of’s best albums for the first half of 2017 @

And here’s one of our favorite takes on the band (we’re number 3 on this list to avoid confusion lmao) @

I’d list more but at this point nagmumukha na syang humblebragging but it’s really not plus you get the point. Text me at 09175614523 so we could discuss some stuff.
Classifieds: Guitars / Re: FS: Jackson
« Last post by icecream on Today at 02:11:12 PM »
thanks bro.
the stickers and the catalog are part of ehx's marketing strategy and they are included in the pedal package. probably i will try tung-sol on my next tube change.

Thanks for the info! :)
Guitar Central / Re: Gear you bought that you didn't really need...
« Last post by titser_marco on Today at 11:56:45 AM »
All these stupid straps

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Guitar Central / Re: what was your first amp
« Last post by Deadwing on Today at 11:52:46 AM »
Awsome— mine was a GX15. Picked it up along with my first proper electric guitar, which was a Kramer Striker.

not nmy pic, and mine looks in better shape..

Guitar Central / Re: what was your first amp
« Last post by Ralph_Petrucci on Today at 10:45:07 AM »
Kamusta to? Yung mga Yamaha na 80s and 90s sleeper amps din e

its no JX man. it was... ok I guess? back then I only had a Fernando 15 Watt and Orange Crush 15 to compare this with, and I honestly preferred the Orange. the Yamaha sounds sterile.

but the JX Series tho, I really liked those.
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Guitar Central / Re: MOOER GE200 Amp Modeling and Multi Effects IR loader
« Last post by broduo on Today at 09:24:50 AM »
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