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not really a store, but a community of technology related items for buy and sell.

thanks marzi for posting..
bookmarked it..
We are a pc dealer company providing hardware and software to various pc retailers nationwide and we are currently expanding
through the internet and we have also started to provide custom IT services to various industries including the music industry locally

pls find our adds , just typre "BRAND NEW DESKTOP COMPUTERS" in and view all our items

We provide Custom built services for all sort of industries from engineering to studio recording and to the good old home setup.

pls email me at or in ym : toper332008 ... and pls..... no prize bragging... im already selling everything "less 10% of their current retail prices"

view some of our less complicated machines provided for some leading music recording companies in the Philippines in our ads at

and we provide nationwide delivery.....

help nmn poh dun sa mga expert sa laptop...

anu poh bang magandang bilhin na laptop para sa mga programmer and at the same time for editing nrin

anu poh kaya ang magandang SPECS dun :?

Thanks in ADVANCE

OT- though PC thread ito, baka me alam kayong MAC store,  link pls...thanks


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