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What's your Guitar for P&W?

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We have a pedalboard thread, multi-effects now guitar thread!

Anong gitara gamit nyo for praise and worship? At bakit?

Most of the modern worship uses Telecaster, Gretsch, and Duesy!  :drool: :drool: :cute:

Influence ata yan ng Hillsong. Anyway, ano yung gamit nyo at nagamit nyo? anong favorite or go-to guitar nyo? How you use it and why you use it?

Now I will start.... I'm using Epiphone Sheraton ii and SX Thinline Telecaster during praise and worship. I used to have Epi ES335 DOT and Standard Telecaster. Lahat ng yan influenced ako ng Hillsong and at the same time I love their sound lalo sa music natin. hehe
But now I'm GASsing for offset guitar like Jazzmaster and Jaguar!!!!

Selling my Sheraton to acquire Jazzmaster/Jaguar or Gretsch guitars! hahaha  :cry:

Ano sa inyo?

I'm using a strat for different tones..  :-D

Fender Fat Strat (maple neck), BaCH Les Paul Goldtop with a Burstbucker Pro-ish pups, An ES-399 copy with Bigsby, and an Alvarez AG60CE

Planning to buy either an Epiphone ES-399 Pro or a G-400 Pro on my birthday real soon :-D

Somebody offered me Epiphone Wilshire with Tremtone....iniisip ko kung ok ba sya. Trade sa Sheraton ko and mag-add sya ng cash.

Or sell my Sheraton and I can get Squire Thinline and Squire Jagmaster. hehehe  :-D

ako I use Peavey Generation EXP Tele.

GASing for a Ibanez Artcore and Squire Telecustom na nka P90's hahaha.

OT: magkano kaya ang telecustom? wala akong idea sa price nya :lol:


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