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Mooer Yellow Comp or Xotic SP Compressor?

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vigie rivera:
I need a small compressor that would fit my board. I also want a compressor which has a blend knob so I could mix my original signal with the compressed signal. But after doing some research the yellow comp is an optical compressor that is transparent. I just want to hear your thoughts. What would be the better choice to use in an ambient/p&w setting? Thanks!

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I use to have SP Compressor twice. Parehas din binenta ko. Ok sya, tingin ko sya pinaka ok na comp for that size. That Blend knob on SP is the main reason why I bought it. Hmm, transparent din sya, pero medyo maingay, based on Ross comp eh.

On the other hand, for Yellow Comp, I borrowed one from my friend and use it for 2 Sundays at church. Tahimik, and subtle comp lang talaga sya unlike sa SP Comp na kaya mag-squash talaga. For that price range (2,500 or less) I would definitely take the Yellow Comp. Higher than that, medyo mapapaisip ako. For SP Comp naman, if it goes above 6k, mapapaisip din ako. I got mine for about 5k.

Sa Worship setting, di ko masabi, pero IMO mas may sustain yung SP Comp, at mas versatile sya dahil sa blend knob nya. Tahimik din naman on "lo" setting. Pero undecided parin ako kasi iba talaga yung subtle comp ng Yellow Comp. hahaha. So it really depends on you.

As of now I'm using Keeley G2 Compressor. Ok naman sya, mas transparent kesa sa SP and Yellow comp. But still want to try Diamond Comp, dun galing Yellow Comp. hehehe

vigie rivera:
So sir ano kayang mas ok kasi sa volume swells ko lang siya gagamitin halos?

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^share lang ako.

So according to videos on youtube sa swells. It doesn't matter kung anong comp ang gamit mo e. As long as it adds gain and sustain sa sound mo. Un kasi ung use ng comp sa swells e. Db most of the time and arrangement nyan e comp>drive>eq(optional)>volped>mods>delays>reverbs.

Comp adds sustain and boost the sound from your guitar pickups para mas klaro ung swell so i believe kahit alin jan ay pwede. and also the delays. Delays have a very large part on swells. Most guitarist who plays on worship time use 2-3 delays. Analog/digital/tape/etc etc. you name it. So it still vary on your taste.  :wave:

vigie rivera:
Salamat sa input. I bought a different comp pedal. Nakita ko sa ads eh tapos meron siyang blend feature plus a whole lot more. VFE White Horse.

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