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The "UP" Guideline


Akira JUMBO:
As deliberated by the mods and admins, here are the guidelines for a more efficient and organized ad updating:

One (1) "up" / bump per day only.
No "up" can be made more than once per day

"Up" / bump your own thread only.
Only thread starters can "up" threads.
No "up for you/up for this item" posts allowed

Smileys and small comments are considered bumping.
Smileys :-D or short comments such as "Bili na", "GAS", "nice item", etc. are considered bumping

Threads found to be in violation of the guideline will be locked for a duration of at least 5 days.
Send a personal message (PM) to the board moderator with a link to your locked ad after the penalty period to unlock the thread.
Creating identical ads of locked threads will result to account suspension.

Be reminded that these guidelines are implemented for the benefit of all, we would very much appreciate your cooperation.
Thank you.

-Philmusic Moderators and Admin group


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