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jao mapa's radio hit song "Talikogenic" is composed by Ely Buendia and his "Gimik" song is composed by Raymund Marasigan

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yung part na adlib sa ligaya na "toorootootooootooootoooo" ang gusto ni ely at raymund gawin dun ay horn's kaso kulang budget kaya ayun boses na lang nila

Rico Blanco's live band was usually composed of Robert de la Cruz (of Queso and Skychurch) on drums and Ricci Gurango (formerly of Hungry Young Poets and Mojofly) on bass, while Rico plays guitars and keyboards. Many other session musicians join him on stage from time to time.

Maestro Jack Rufo is a former member  (Guitars) of Southborder band. 1993 - 1996

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songs from Carbonstereoxide Album was in Drop D tuning


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