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How To Post Pics / Avatars [Photo Instructions on page 13]

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tagal ko na dito pero di pa me marunong post pic hehe.. Paano po ba?

Why can't I add an avatar? There are no pictures to choose from? Help please! Thanks in advance!

hi there!

like you maybe, i tried so many times bago ko nagawang magdowload ng avatar here sa philmusic.

anyway, what i did first was i went to a website for avatars--- then i chose in one of their selections, click on the avatar i chose, then i clicked on use as forum signature and copy paste--- avatar direct link  sa profile ko (edit profile) sa avatar control panel--- link to off-site avatar--- i-paste mo yong nakuha mong avatar URL from

try it works, you know :wink:

Thanks Martine Angela!

I'll check out the avatar site.

now i see your avatar....nice pick!


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