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Jerome Abalos of Deathbystereo is also the one who popularize the song "larawang kupas"..


Taylor Swift is making a $250,000 donation to schools around US that she's either attended or worked with on her 20th birthday which was used to pay teachers' salaries, buy books and fund various educational programs.

Francis Reyes earned the nickname "Brew" from his first step of NU 107 radio station... Someone looked for him to work, asking to another NU 107 personnel, "Asan na yung bruha (referring to Reyes)??"...

Dodong Cruz of The Youth played session bassist for The Wuds

1. Jimi Hendrix spent more than $1M to put up Electric Ladyland. Ala tuloy siya pera when he died.

2. According to Ringgo S., the "substance" contributed a lot in the making of Rubber Soul.

3. Stevie Ray Vaughan played lead guitar in Bowie's Let's Dance.


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