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FS/FT: Godin xTSA
« on: November 21, 2017, 05:37:52 AM »
My contacts were
Globe: 0917-703-3322
Smart: 0908-865-6010
Sun: 0925-646-6161

GODIN xTSA - P40,000.00
In very good condition. No tremolo bar.
With Original case and leather strap.

My location is in General Santos City.  Madami na akong naka transact dito sa Philmusic below are many of my references.  So transact with confidence.  Almost all my items are bought, traded and sold thru shipping.
My contacts were Globe: 0917-703-3322
Smart: 0908-865-6010Sun: 0925-646-6161

Previous sold items:
E.W.S. Brute Drive BD1 - sold to andressito
Bogner Ecstacy Red - sold to Obet
Neunaber Slate W EXP - Traded to shoegaze geezer
MI Audio Crunch Box - Sold
Boss BD2 - Traded
Boss TW1 - Traded
Hotone British Invasion - sold
Radial Bones Hollywood Distortion - sold
Fulltone Catalyst - sold
3 Leaf Audio Proton Envelope Filter - sold
Boss RC3 Loop Station - sold
TC Electronics Ditto Looper - sold
Artec Twin Head - sold
Boss DS1 Distortion - sold
Boss DS-1 (British Mod by MarkV) - sold to axedry
Cmatmods Butha Drive - traded to jgmredor
Line 6 G30 - sold to akosikebb
E.W.S. Brute Drive (BD-1) - traded to ninevoltrhythm
ZVEX Box of Rock - sold to Moncseb
Ibanez TS Mini - sold to John
MI AUDIO Blue Boy Deluxe Overdrive - sold to Jurnel
Boss TU-12H - sold to Jurnel
NUX Mod Force (Multi-Modulation Effects) - Sold to kalweg016
Wampler Plexi-Drive Deluxe - traded to romard
Mooer Yellow Comp - sold to yjuangab
Ibanez TS Mini - sold to Kylle
Zoom Midi Controler - sold to siotiboy
Xotic SL Drive - sold to siotiboy
Xotic BB+ - traded to moncseb
(5) Lava Solderless Patch cables - sodl to denz
ElectricNim Angry Fishbol (Distortion Pedal) - sold to lookoutkid
Seymour Duncan SH-12 - sold to Tong of Gensansale
Barber Small Fry - Sold to psychicsushi
Wampler Hot Wired V2 - traded to bluer_than_blues
Dunlop Crybaby Wah 535q - sold to non-forumite
MXR Analog Chorus M234 - traded to yjuangab
MI Audio Crunch Box Distortion - traded to yjuangab
Boss Super Chorus CH-1 - traded to sideproject
MXR CAE MC401 Boost/Line Driver - sold to mr_strap
Digitech Distortion Factory DF7 - traded to romard
Seymour Duncan Jarretbuckers - traded to scofield
Line 6 HD500 - sold to stoop
MI Audio:Blues Pro-Overdrive - sold to changemynametojimi
Boss RV5 Digital Reverb - sold to catheeplaysrock
(4) Lava patch cables - sold to fretzburner
Kalikot Audio Hikari Compressor - sold to graysolis
Artec Wah APW7 - sold to CP of gensansale
Boss DD7 - traded to moncseb
Black Dome Knobs - sold to Jeff of Gensansale
Zoom MS-70 CDR - Sold to ninevoltrhythm
TC Electronic Nova Delay - traded to bluenote
TC Electronic Nova Modulator - traded to bluenote
Epiphone Humbucker 57 Classic Pick-ups - sold to washburn_21
Seymour Duncan Jazz SH2N - sold to Cecil
Bogner Ecstacy Blue - traded to moncseb
Godlyke Power All Single Power Supply - sold to cerelajauco
Bogner Ecstacy Red - traded to tanj
M-Audio - Fast Track Pro - sold to Xiao nanaman
Fender AM Stratocaster - traded to j3yps
Fulltone CF1 "Choralflange" - traded to j3yps
Xotic BB+ - Traded to Moncseb
Boss RC-2 - Traded to Moncseb
TCE Hall Of Fame - sold to darnel
Gold Slash Hat Knobs Set - sold to muffinman
SD"Seth Lover Model" SH55 - Sold to Thecrow23
Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Tuner- traded to lamentation25
EHX Memory Boy Analog Delay - traded to lamentation25
Effectorcase - sold to iwantastrat
Seymour Duncan SH55 "Seth Lover" - traded to Griffith of Alabang
ModTone Funk Filter Enveloper - traded to rrmode1
Nickel Covers for Humbuckers - sold to darnel
Boss DD3 - sold to Opleay
Xotic BB Preamp- traded to mojoefly
MI Audio Super Crunchbox - traded to mojoefly
MXR Distortion Plus - traded to mojoefly
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr. - traded to mojoefly
Korg Pandora PX5D - traded to mojoefly
Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone - traded to mojoefly
DiMarzio Collection Neck & Mid Set - sold to dudut1234 of Gensan
Epiphone Pickguard (Black) - sold to egieboy
DiMarzio SP218 - traded
Fender Texas Special N&M - traded
Boss ME50 - sold to drakenjake
Seymour Duncan '59 Model SH-1B - sold to TheCrow23
Behringer MS20 - traded to Fret24
Seymour Duncan Set JB/Jazz Model SH-4 & SH2N - sold to pow
Fender Stratocaster ST62-SDS 3TS - sold to a friend in Gensan
DiMarzio Single Coil Pick-up Covers (White) - sold
Boss CH1 Super Chorus - Sold
Yamaha SG700 - sold to poacher
Fender American Deluxe SCN Prewired pick-ups - sodl to izhel
Marshall AVT100 - SOLD
Shredhead by MarkV - Retracted
Ibanez TS9DX - sold to Cebu Boy
Ibanez Lo TRS (Takeuchi MIJ) - sold to Cebu boy
Boss CS-2 Compression Sustainer - sold to rapunzalan
Boss GE-7B - sold to jal
Boss CEB-3 - sold to jal
Fender Original 57/62 Stratocaster Pickup Set - traded to prince22
1/4' Fender input Jack for strat - traded to prince22
Schaller - 5 way switch selector - traded to prince22
Epiphone Les Paul Custom - sold to Dwight of Gensan
Boss BF2 - traded
Digitech RP355 - sold Kim of Gensan
Boss ME-70 - retracted
Vox amPlug AC30 - sold to Abi of Gensan
Rockcase by Warwick - Flight Case Les Paul Model - retracted
Boss TU12 - Chromatic Tuner - sold to Mark of Gensansale
SKB Pedalboard - sold to Mark of Gensansale
Fender Stratocaster '57 - traded to paolo.vistan
MXR Dynacomp - traded to paolo.vistan
Boss CH1 -  traded to paolo.vistan
Fender '57 RI Stratocaster (Crafted In Japan) - traded to paolo.vistan
Boss FV50H Volume Pedal - sold to gereyster
Line 6 Verbzilla - traded to spanishsteel
Fulltone OCD V.4 - traded to jirehsanvictored
Dunlop Crybaby GCB95 - - Sold
Lovepedal Eternity Burst - traded to spanishsteel
DiMarzio HS-3 Cream - Sold to a guy in Gensan
Boss GE7 -traded to jirehsabvictored
Marshall Drivemaster - sold to Rom2582
Boss CS2 - Sold to a guy from Bagio
DiMarzio Evolution Bridge - Sold to a guy in Gensan
Visual Sound 1Spot sold to Alvin non forum
Fulltone - Catalyst - traded to moncseb
Ernieball VP - sold to ulrich/John
Effect flightcase - sold to ulrich/John
Xotic BB Preamp - Traded to teleclem
Boss CH1 - traded to cerelajauco
Hardwire DL8 - Sold to Joeystratman
SKB PS-25 Pedal Board - retracted (donate to church)
BBE Sonic Maximizer - sold to Chromatic_sweeper
DiMarzio D Activator Neck DP219 - traded to opaymico
MXR DynaComp M-102 - Sold to Christine
Ibanez Prestige 2550Z GK - Sold to Jason Ray Abal of Gensansale
DiMarzio/ibz pick up set for Bridge & Neck - Sold
Les Paul Pick guard set (Cream) - sold to kristiancarlo of Tipidsale
IBanez RG Series (MIJ) - retracted
DiMarzio PAF Pro - traded to mahineman
DiMarzio Super Distortion DP100 - traded to mahineman
DiMarzio The Tone Zone DP155 - sold to zakari9
Boss CS3 - sold to a friend
Fender American Standard Stratocaster pick-up set - sold to Jonathan Gonzales
Boston EQ100 - sold to indiemaxx
Boss PS-5 - sold to insane
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal - traded to Super bisdak
Fender Stagerred pup set - sold to Sir Jun
Dimarzio/IBZ (neck & Bridge) - Traded to alalala
DiMarzio Tone Zone DP155 - Traded to alalala
Carparelli Les Paul (Dot On Shaft) - Sold to ulrich
Audio Technica Guitar Wireless - Retracted
Yamaha SG2000 - Sold to ulrich
Audio Technica Guitar Wireless - Retracted
MI Audio - Cruchbox - sold to ulrich
Deltalab SC1 - Stereo Chorus - Sold to ulrich
Ibanez PDM1 - Modulation Delay - Sold to sd8450
Ibanez SD9 - Sonic Distortion - redeemed biboy_music
Ibanez CP9 - Compressor.Limiter - Sold to Teenage_bandits
Ibanez RGR (MIJ) - Sold to Zecil
TTM Super Shop Stratocaster - Sold to ulrich
Boss CE-3 Chorus - sold to riffmuffman
Gibson 500T - Sold to Mojo
Gibson 496R - sold to huangalden
Marshall AVT20 - sold to ajct35
DiMarzio - DP158 retracted
DiMarzio - DP207 BK D Sonic Sold to petoy
Boss NS2 - Traded
Boss DS1 - traded
Ibanez V7 & V8 Pick ups - Sold to kevlahnota
Boss - DD7 - Sold
Seymour Duncan - Power Grid Distortion - traded to alcoholicarl
Kramer - Glide B6 (USA) - sold to biboy_music 
Boss EH2 - Enhancer - sold to Omegared15
Boss TM-7 - sold to el.sol
DOD A-B Box 270 - Sold to jimny
MXR - Wylde Overdrive - Sold to Josh
Boss TU-2 - sold to Lost keith
Tech21 SansAmp GT2 - sold to r_chino18
Boss BF-2 - sold to pizza boy
Ibanez Prestige RG1570 - traded
Boss ME-8 w/ 14V Boss Adaptor - traded to tranquil
Boss FV-300L Volume/Expression Pedal - traded to tranquil
Boss NS-2 - SOLD to Mwah09 of CEBU
Mimicman - Sold to alvin Ching5786
Earnie Ball Vol. Pedal - Traded
Electro-Harmonix - Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai - Sold
Seymour Duncan - Twin Tube Mayhem SFX- - Traded
Boss DD-5 - Traded
MXR Phase 90 - SOLD to [strawberry]
Digitech Whammy 4 - SOLD to Catacomb
Tech 21 Sansamp TRI A.C. - TRADED
Tourtek Cables '10 feet - Samson Audio - SOLD
Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble - SOLD
Boss SD-1 - traded
Boss BF-3 Flanger - Traded
Fender '72 Telecaster Custom (MIM) - Sold
Stock Pick Ups Bridge - SOLD 
Crybaby Fuzz Wah GCB-95FW - SOLD
TTM Super Shop Custom USA w/ softcase SOLD
Boss DS-1 (British Mod by MarkV) SOLD
Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Traded
Fender Bassman 50's Amp Head Traded
Digitech GNX3000 SOLD
Edwards LP ECL-901 by ESP - SOLD
Ibanez Prestige SRG2520 w/ Ibanez Hardcase SOLD
Digitech GNX4 USA - SOLD to a non forumite
Boss PSA 9V Adaptor - SOLD

My other FS/FT items:

Successful deals with:
tranquil,pizzaboy,Bdc3,rocknrolla,r_chino18,neo_rockista,toybitz,par_amor,jimny,josh,el.sol,Omegared15,Lindtaylor,alcoholicarl,r_chino18, mojo
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Re: FS/FT: Godin xTSA
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2017, 04:08:25 AM »
good deals w/alvinChing5786,bloodvai,johnnyjackhammer,jujoe,pakyuka,Catacomb,Armzcore,BlueVox,Carabao,Hotrod,Dubista, gt_carta,classicrock,Jesper2g,Calvs,Rakstar,biboymusic,lost keith, marcus_gloom,obetski,samishellacool,Caloi,Alexis Sarmiento,jojosan