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 :wink:  Lookin for: any nice Acoustic w/ or w/o PickUp  or Cutaway possible! also GODIN  Ovation  Lowden  Tacoma etc. preferred Oldies... :wink:

pls Email me w/ FOTOS and Price-Idea and add Newprice w/ Link pls

Email that to:   as i rarely read PM often enoug to reply in time

as in every 2weeks lang! ^-^

or call me anyday past 11am  3544122  or  0919-2202205   or  0917-4949777

HNY  to ALL readers in PM! :wave:

ca$H ready here... leavin RP  in MAY  and also sell many of my items here in PM + gigbags , cases , stands , parts, EFX...etc.

much cheaper, than posted in d respective Listings!! check me+ CALL any day 11am!
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VINTAGE GEAR To SELL:this=NO Reissues!
for Ex.:'69 blonde STRAT,all Orig.>'56 black,refin.Strat>
'57LPjr.TVyellow>'58 Strat,sunb.> '78natur.Strat,thinBody+'62 cstmTELE sunb.! call 3544122+09192202205 +check :