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ako naman po magtatanong....:)

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excellent, learning to work with your own guitar is great. sonny, i guess I am a guitar tech in a way but I only do guitar work for myself or people I closely know. my real passion is building guitars whenever I can. my last project was a custom Jazz bass made to 70's specs. I just finished it and I love how loud the thing is. my next project is a red sparkle finish Jazzmaster or a whale blue PRS style guitar. the reason I started building guitars was that I wanted specific things to go into my guitars that would make them sound great for specific styles of music AND be road worthy for me to gig around with.

union, dpending on the type of saddles you have, you can either use a small screw driver or an allen wrench with a hexagon head.

i have the same problem w/ you re: pickups, may fender squier strat ako made in korea bought it brand new, yung bridge pickup nya medyo mahina sa low E .011 ang guage na gamit ko ? can anyone give me an explanation why it happened and how to resolve it ? d sya ganun nung bago.

either the pickups are too far away from the strings, OR your pups have weak output. given the fact that you have 11's, did you set up the guitar to have 11 guage strings? if not, then most likely your floating trem on the strat is causing your bridge to bow inward towards the neck. this can increase the distance between your strings and pickups. to fix this, adjust the tension in your trem springs in the back by adding another trem spring in the back to help add more pull to the bridge. also, you could use a trem-setter to help increase and stabilize the tension in your tremolo. i use a trem setter in addition to the 2 trem springs because i use 13 guage strings on my strat.

ayos naman yung height ng strings ko from the pickups, kahit anong gawin ko ganun, sinubukan ko na nga na ilapit ng husto yung E string sa pickups just the part na mahina ni udjust ko sa bridge pero ala pa rin saka sa bridge pickup lang eh ? d kaya may tama na yung bridge pickup ko ?


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