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ngayon lang ako nakabisita sa thread na to. sakto, kakasimula ko palang sa photography. dami ko natutunan sa mga tuts at tips nyo mga sir, ayos! :-D

pantone #000:

100(actually marami pa) Free Ps Actions for Post Processing

Share ko lang, at late blooming award ngayon ko lang natutunan ang Ps Actions.
Kung ayaw nyo ng resulta, you can always undo/erase sa history yung Merge Layers action, para makita nyo sa Layers yung mga ginamit na commands at syempre anong layers. Then you can tweak it from there. :)

Si Daniel Box as isang graphic artist na gumawa ng Ps Actions that comes super close to Instagram's PP. Here's his link:

cant sleep.. so I tried to mess around with some photos using existing image reedited into a finer one..

its 2 different photographs.. one is taken in a slightly different angle.. I tried to look for a nice evo 5 picture I can crop.. got this one

Here's my ride.. a 1997 Lancer GLXi.. got bored with it..

Turned it into an Evolution 5 using the 1st photograph  :-D

 :wink: :wink:

with the new Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended we can finally easily convert some video clips into GIF animations instantly..  :-D

ofcourse you need to trim your video first to a couple of seconds to loop it before editing it in photoshop..

 8-) 8-)

pantone #000:
Kailangan ko po sana ng Chromakey cloth a.k.a green screen muslin cloth. Saan ba meron nun? Pwede ba syang i-DIY nalang para mura?

And also darkroom equipment and materials (photo enlarger, chemicals, film reel, etc). Meron kayang mga ito sa Hidalgo? Or may alam na po kayo kung saan?


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