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Platform: PC/Xbox360/PS3

Gameplay: 7/10. for an FPS game, it sure lacks the intensity. the game is also very short that's why I rated it 7 and that's me being generous already. I finished the game in 3 hours. probably the shortest FPS game I have ever played.
Story: 5/10. it's about North Korea invading and taking over the US. you will be playing as a resistance soldier.
Graphics: 7.5/10. Graphics is not bad but not very realistic when you shoot down your enemies. And, blood looks like KETCHUP.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10. I only played this game due to curiosity and because I saw that it had great reviews on youtube but I was a little disappointed to be honest. if you're a big FPS fan like me then you will be disappointed with this one. IMHO, don't waste your time with this one.


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Me too, lost track narin sa mga natapos. Pero gawa ako after ng school.


Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior

Gameplay: 8/10. the game is pretty decent. challenging din siya kasi you need to be aware of wind direction and speed that affects the trajectory of the bullet. in short, it's like you're a real sniper. much of the game is stealth mode so it's not like COD or Battlefield where you get to participate in an all out firefight.

Graphics: 9/10. very realistic IMO and smooth din siya especially on high settings. the only flaws for me were the blood splatter which looked like ketchup and the gun fire. the gun fire looks sloppy and unrealistic.

Story: 9/10. maganda naman yung story and very unpredictable. parang movie eh.

Overall Impression: I will give it a solid 8.5/10. this game totally surprised me. I thought it was going to be one of those sloppy, low budget FPS games but I was wrong. the story and gameplay reeled me in from start to finish. the game isn't too long but I still had fun playing it. you get a great feel of what it's like to be a real sniper because you have to be weary of your environment to take your enemy down with a single shot. on hard mode, wind direction and calculation of bullet trajectory will really mess you up but it will take patience, understanding, timing, and sometimes a little luck.  :-D if you're one of those trigger happy gamers who just want to pick-up an assault rifle and kill everybody in the room, then this game is not for you because as what I have stated, the missions are pure stealth and sneaking up on your enemies. but, if you're a fan of challening FPS games and stealth covert operations, then this game could be great for you.

PS: the first two missions take place in the Philippines but your enemies are Russians. they did mention the Abu Sayyaf but you will not encounter them in the game.

Hope my review helps. I'm still waiting for a copy of Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Dead Rising. I will make a review as soon as I get to play either one of them.  :)

Update naman dito, pati PS4 din. Im currently downloading a copy of "The Last of us". Nagtry lang ako ng prologue nya nung nakadownload na ko ng sufficient data para magrun sa background. Ang ganda, can't wait to finish the dl.

Just sharing an old article about a couple of not so old  :-P games I have reviewed

Medal of Honor 2010 -

Crysis 2 -


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