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Advise Budget PA system for home use


First post ko ito. Nagpaplano ako mag setup ng simple or budget PA System para sa acoustic rehearsal/live jam sa bahay/semi-outdoor. Ang sound sources ay 2 microphones, acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass. Other usage of the PA sytem will be for occassional karaoke session.

As of now i learned na meron ako ilang options.
1. active mixer + passive speakers
2. passive mixer + professional power amplifiers + passive speakers
3. passive mixer + active speakers

Ito ilang tanong sa isip ko:
1. Pwede na ba ang 12" na speaker?
2. Panalo na ba sa brand na Kevler?
3. Active speakers ba or passive speakers.

Pa-advise naman on which brands and what combination. Syempre importante na reliable at matibay ang equipments. Maraming salamat. Thanks in advance PhilMusic.

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