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I used to hear Harrison Livewire on DZRJ or DZUW back in the '70's.  I've been aching to hear them again.  I've been doing an occasional search on You Tube every now and then, just in case somebody uploads it. 
Who are their members? 
Was there a record released? 
Where is the music? 

oh my that is a pinoy rock band that is rarely mentioned. I believe Hickey and Harry Tambuatco were guitarist and drummer respectively. one of their songs played at the pinoy rock and rhythm hour at rj am was "dragon". 

I believe their rock is more in the Jazz vein (fusion) that's why I posted it here.  Am I right?  We got to hear it again.

Hicky Tambuatco on guitar, Cid Bengzon on drums, Art Guevarra alternating with Larry Totten on bass, Vic Santiago on keys...managed by Paul Neil...we did mostly original jazz fusion stuff...
Unfortunately,  all copies of our music have been lost, even the ones played on RJ

thanks for the details. its such a bummer that rj jocks or some other people should have archived or transferred those precious tapes (they had of Pinoy rock) or whatever format they had into DAT or digital audio. So "Dragon" was not from Harrison Livewire?


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