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Here you go! Post your pedalboard photo you're using at church. And what's the order chain? haha.

More than that, let's talk about stacking overdrive, dual delay setup, modulations, etc.....anything about PEDALS! hehe

Here's mine.....

my chain:
TU2 Tuner > Cmatmods Butah > Visual Sound Route66 > Cmatmods Signa Drive > EB Volume Pedal Jr. > Boss DD5 (with Nose Tap Tempo) > TCE Nova Repeater > Boss RV5

Powered by VS 1spot (Original TCE Adapter for my Nova)

Using my Butah as always on pedal, boost it with OD channel from Rt66. Using my Signa for solos. Pero parang gusto ko magTimmy..haha
For my delays, i'm using my Repeater as main delay, DD5 as usual for dotted 8ths.hehe

Kayo naman mga sir! hehe :-D


Usual Chain:

Guitar > Joyo Tuner > Joyo Roll Boost > VL Sparkle Drive > Fulltone FD2 Mosfet > EB VP Jr. > TCE Nova Delay > Joyo Analog Delay > TCE Hall Of Fame Reverb > Zoom G7 (optional and not in the picture/ for amp sims and recording interface when I play at home) > Amp

The Boost is always on all the time because it fattens up my tone a little and for some clean tones. The Sparkle Drive is my 1st stage OD in which I set to a low gain/transparent-ish sound. The FD2 OD side would be my 2nd stage OD stacked with the sparkle drive which is really pleasing to the ear. Then for solos I just engaged the boost side of the FD2. By the way, my FD2 is set to the FM mode and Mosfet clipping. For delays, the Nova is my main while the Joyo AD is there to fill up some spaces. I have all my delays preset in the Nova. The AD is also use for my blues playing when im not in church just to make my signal not dry. The HoF is there for some pleasant ambient noises and also for volume swells. I use a custom toneprint for the HoF.

Im planning to change my main delay soon. I'll probably get the Eventide Timefactor.

Here's mine:


Guitar -> Polytune Mini -> TCE Nova Drive -> Suhr Riot -> TCE Nova Modulator -> Xotic RC Booster -> Boss DD7 -> Amp

Powered by Cioks TC10

Jesus Rocks!


My current set-up

Zoom G2.1u for Modulation + Mooer Green Mile (Tube Screamer Clone) + MXR Distortion Plus

I think I'll update to Zoom G3 + Green Mile soon  :-o

@NTM ayun inumposahan din!!!  :-D
Ganda ng board ang linis sa mata. Mukhang solid sounding siya....
BTW if you plan a timmy thats probably a must get. Ganda niya transparent
Pero punchy ah. Sarap din i stack sa ibang OD

akala ko all boss pedals ipopost mo eh. Nice board there looks very versatile
Lalu na OD stacking schemes mo.


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