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Your "Praise and Worship" Multi-Effects

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Zoom G1XN. Sakto na sakin dahil madaling gamitin at madaling bitbitin. at dahil sa bagong gitarista pa lang ako at bago lang din sa Music Ministry  :-D

Zoom GFX-1
Zoom G1N
Digitech RP90
Line 6 POD HD300
Then traded the HD to get a Fender Mustang Floor. I love it so much! Swabe a single coils :)

Here's mine. They are mostly Zoom.

* Zoom 1010
* Zoom 505
* Zoom 707II
* Korg Toneworks AX1500G
* Zoom G9.2tt
Yey!  :wave:

I use Zoom G7 then Zoom G5, then finally POD HD 500.  :wave:

Past MFX:

Zoom 505
Zoom 3030
Zoom GFX707
Digitech GNX2
Zoom GFX8
Zoom GFX707II
Korg AX1500G
Digitech RP300A
Zoom G2
Zoom G7.1ut
Digitech GNX3
Zoom G2.1u
Zoom G3

Guitar > FX17 Wah/Volume pedal > Marshall Drivemaster or FD2 >  line 6 M9 or Zoom MS50G > Amp


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