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How about seeing your moderators and the owner of philmusic??

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I have never seen our moderators here and even the owner of the philmusic. I wonder If we could meet them personally? what do you think guys??

treat us at Ponti Cello and maybe we can push through with the EB.

and maybe we could even play for you. basta sa Ponti Cello ha?


we ourselves cannot organize a decent EB. and we don't want to meet you guys. baka umuwi kaming duguan sa inyo eh. hihihi!     

ayos to... hahah para alam natin kung sinu mga nag iinspect ng mga pinopost ntn.. hahaha ayos to

Would be nice to, so we can meet up with the people who are and had been giving their priceless time and effort maintaining this community for us.


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