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A Note on Merging and Moving of Threads (and some things)


Hi guys, lately there have been more violations related to merging and putting topics in the right sections.

so here are some things you should take note.

1.) when we move a topic, you cannot complain. just trust our judgement. dont think that we are giving you a hard time. as a matter of fact, for the most part, we actually do not know who you are.

2.) when we think you are exploiting a loophole or are just being a douche, we can lock your topics without moving them. instead we will just leave you a note that says "you are in the wrong part of the forums, move your ad." and if you do not comply, you just gave us a reason to MUTE you.

3.) in case we merge a topic and you did not like it or you feel that we merged it the wrong way, then you CANNOT HAVE A VIOLENT REACTION. sometimes we make mistakes in merging, and your ad might be a total mess, so opppsss... you did not read the rules, now you suffer the consequences.

4.) if we feel that you are being a douche and you are just making 5 different ads for 5 different guitars to spite us, then we have the right to just lock your topics with the note "please merge your items in one ad" ... if you do not comply, then you gave us another reason to mute you. trust me, it is way easier to mute you than manually edit or merge your topics.

5.) you can be muted if we feel you are being a douche and going into loopholes and technicalities of the forums. so for example, you got pissed that one of your ads got locked for "violation type X" ... so what you do is necro threads with the same violation and try to make a case out of it. we can mute you for that, on the grounds that you are making our jobs harder and it is easier to see you out of the forums than deal with your butthurt drama.

the reason for these rules is because merging and moving topics are very time consuming and tiring. we are not paid to do what we do here, so do not expect us to clean up after you all the time.


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