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pinipilit kong iwasan ang coke ngunit hindi ako magtagumpay
oo medyo kailangan

Adjust the mixer volume, it's not necessary to increase the volume of guitar 8 o'clock volume setting will do.

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Shure SM57 used to record guitar from amp.

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Up lang
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I think ang mahirap to factor in is the speaker rating kng pasok sa amp head. Unless the head can take 4,8 and 16ohms na. Next is the input jacks. Most combo amps wlang ganun kasi usually speaker out ang meron.

May napanood ako video na ang ginawa nya sa FX loop nya pinadaan ung head, bypassing the combo's amp, pero it depends ata sa model ng head or nung combo amp..

Before nun wala pako cab, i modded my combo amp to have an amp in na plug na speakers lang ang gagana. Ayus naman 18 pesos mod worth while hehe

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Guitar Central / What if I buy an Amphead....
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Hi folks! I have this idea of buying an amphead (Tiny terror or Lil night Train) for gigs. I mean, a gigging amp. But what if the amp available on the venue is a combo amp? How can I bypass the amp of that ceratin combo and just use the speakers of it?

Magulo ba yung tanong?
May ganito na bang thread? Sorry, kung nagsimula ulit ako ng bago. Medyo nahihirapan ako mag search e.

Salamat sa response.
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