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LF: Fender Thinline Telecaster MIM // Budget around 20k.

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More preferable if you message me through fb:
or text me through 09166028057
Let's see if we can work something out.

Thank you, PM!  :wave:

Up! 6-12-14 :-P

I have a thinline partscaster made from Fender parts.

Fender MIM Standard neck, Thinline body,
pickups are Classic 60's pickups, gold hardware, setup with 11's.
battle scars and wear on the body, but nothing affecting playability and tone.
Built this guitar when I was in Guam. got the parts from Ebay, and assembled it, with the help of a luthier there.  :)

Let me know. 09178810182

 :-P :-P :-P up!

Up! :wave:


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