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* Band Name: Digit
* Home Town: Paranaque
* Genre: Melodramatic Extreme Disco Metalshark
* Website:
* Contact us through:

hello there... pls do check out my music.. I create rock pinoy alternative sounding like grunge, eheads, alternative types

I have band called SMOKE RECESS and you can visit , listen and view some videos on kindly subscribe  :)

like my page at

and then finally, all my songs are free, available at

Rock On Forever


Guitarists JC and Revo, Lester the Drummer, Ian the Bassist and Philip on Vocals together form Philippine Metal's Furious Five. IRON RABBIT.

Intense Back-beat, Grooving Bass, Heavy Riffs, Twin Solos and Stunning vocals sets Iron Rabbit apart from their growling and screaming contemporaries. With very different influences, Iron Rabbit comes together to create heavy, aggressive, and melodic music that makes you stand up, listen, and mosh.

Poteyto ([apple]-ito)
Batangas City

HI! mga kapatid na rakista my name is nes Lozada im a 6 string bass player naghahanap aku ng bagong mga kabanda metal to prog po sana  maraming salamat just pm at my facebook nes Lozada paki search po yan or thanks and many cheers \m/


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