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got a bd2 modded by keeley and at first i hated it but it grew on me and its always what i step on when i want a vintage tone.I tell you man this thing is sweet and very transparent. It can act as a clean booster or to just warm up every transistor amp you plug into and if you couple it with a compressor then its all there.All the tone you can ask for.The bd2 can even sound like a metalzone on very high gain settings and the bd2 is friggin loud.They say it can do things that a KLON can do(a boutique and overhyped od/boost pedal)for a quarter of the price.The BD2 is a very musical pedal.

jack in a vox:
indeed it is..

and to answer the question.. i was in a band.. pero it's starting to turn into a hobby.. so most of the stuff that i hardly use have been sold or are for sale. i'm getting into cars now :D

boys and their toys huh??  :lol:

i modded my  ds1  and  it  sounded   great. tight more harshness.

but overall i  still  prefer plugging directly to the amp.  and use  its distortion.

jack in a vox:
yes that would work great if you had a marshall/boogie/fender

in my case the ac-30 doesn't have a gain/OD channel.. just loads of shimmering clean.. but once i crank it to about 5 it starts breaking up.. like shattering glass.. :shock: and i did break a lightbulb like that once!  :oops:

all it needs is a nice OD pedal to go crazy!

sounds  cool.

what  gear  do  you  want  to  dispose  of? i might be  interested.heje


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