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Recording & Rehearsal Studio For Sale


Selling an operational Recording & Rehearsal Studio Business. Fully operational with clean legal papers, employees, and functioning business system. Already established so promotions are very easy to execute.

Reason for selling: Owner is leaving

Location: Project 6 QC (near Visayas Avenue)
Commercial complex 2nd floor near a Church.
30 sqm area
With own CR

Studio Specs:

Inner room construction of hardyflex and acoustic boards
Outer room construction of hardyflex.
Bass traps custom made for Studio and Office
Carpeted studio
1 2.5hp split type inverter aircondition for Studio
1 1.5hp split type inverter aircondition for office
2 wood couches
1 executive chair for audio engineer
3 plastic cabinets for equipment storage
2 white boards for scheduling
Equipment Specs:

-Top of the line 4th Gen i5 PC, 1 TB Hard Drive with Extra 500 GB Drive and 1TB external Drive. 8gb Ram.
-Original Cubase 7 Installed and complete plug ins for mixing and mastering
-20" LG LED Monitor
-M-Audio AV 40 Active Monitor Speakers
-M-Audio Fastrack 8R Recording interface (8 simultaneous mic/line recording) with octane preamps built in.
-High Quality Klotz Cables with Neutrik Connectors for rehearsals and recording
-400 watts Behringer Mixing console
-2 15" Crown speakers for rehearsals
-Tama Superstar Drumset (white)
-Drum Cymbals Set
-Tama Cobra Pedal
-Laney RB3 Bass Amp
-Laney LX 65R Guitar amp
-RJ GA 50 Vintage Style guitar amp
-Samson Q7 rehearsal mics
-1 Audiotechnica (Japan) 3050 vocal condenser
-1 Sure SM 57 instrument mic for snare and guitar amp miking
-1 Audiotechnica (Japan) pro-kick 45 kick drum mic
-2 Samson q-tom mics for tom tom miking
-2 Nady CM 90 Overhead Condenser mics
-1 Samson 4 channel headphone monitor amp
-2 Direct Interface boxes
-1 Samson S-Split Cable splitter
-5 Superlux Monitoring Headphones
-3 mic stands
-1 condenser mic stand
-1 Keyboard stand
-Assorted connectors and adapters
-2 Strat style electric guitars
-1 Bass guitar
Feel free to inquire for other details and meet ups for negotiation.

Contact: 09360419851

PRICE: 300,000php


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