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Title: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: Poundcake on June 04, 2008, 06:28:51 PM
Hey guys, Journey's latest album entitled, "Revelation" is finally out! As we all know, our very own Arnel Pineda is the band's new frontman and he sure delivers the goods! The album is a 3-disc package with Disc 1 showing off the band's new songs (with the exception of "Faith in the Heartland," which was the first track of the "Generations" album with Steve Augeri). Disc 2 features re-recorded Journey material but with Arnel at the helm. Disc 3 is a live concert DVD shot in Las Vegas, NV last March.

Here's the track list:

Disc 1 - Revelation

   1. Never Walk Away
   2. Like A Sunshower
   3. Change For The Better
   4. Wildest Dream
   5. Faith In The Heartland
   6. After All These Years
   7. Where Did I Lose Your Love
   8. What I Needed
   9. What It Takes To Win
  10. Turn Down The World Tonight
  11. The Journey (Revelation)
  12. Let It Take You back (Exclusive Bonus Track For Europe)

 Disc 2 - Greatest Hits Re-Recorded

   1. Only The Young
   2. Don't Stop Believin'
   3. Wheel In The Sky
   4. Faithfully
   5. Any Way You Want It
   6. Who's Crying Now
   7. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
   8. Lights
   9. Open Arms
  10. Be Good To Yourself
  11. Stone In Love
Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: reyban on June 04, 2008, 10:18:58 PM
Nice album. Of course I'm biased :)




Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: skunkyfunk on June 05, 2008, 02:18:23 PM
Just came from Bohol.  No Internet, no PCs, and I knew Journey had Revelation out 2 days ago.  So I was cold turkey to see the reviews on the album.

Does anyone have a copy in the country?
Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: AthanVai on June 05, 2008, 02:48:54 PM
i got mine through not so legal means...  :oops:

pero promise im buying the real thing once it hits our shores... super excited lang kasi ko to hear the new album eh.  :-)
Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: Jim Ayson on June 06, 2008, 08:04:13 AM
I'm reading the reviews on right now. A lot of positive vibes for Arnel.  :-D
Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: Jim Ayson on June 06, 2008, 08:13:21 AM
Here's a review from Amazon ... $11.98 at Walmart for a double CD with DVD? Hmmm!

You Won't Believe It...until You Hear It!, June 4, 2008
By    David J. Spuria "David J" (Webster, Massachusetts)

First, let me state that this return to form will put Journey back on the map in a big way. And I might add, Arnel Pineda will become a superstar. There is already such a buzz about the band from their concerts in Chile and Las Vegas. Both shows illustrated the vocal strength of Pineda and a fired-up Neal Schon who seems to be as important to this resurgance as Pineda. And rather than make an album of warmed over sound-alikes, Revelation is a fresh, yet familar bunch of songs with the musical muscle to work their way onto today's AC playlists and quite possibly into the top 40. Simply put, people have missed this band. The Steve Augeri version of the band soldiered on, but did little to connect with older listeners who missed Steve Perry. Augeri may have sung well, but he just didn't sound like Perry. In reality, drummer Deen Castronovo did a better job emmulating Perry than Augeri. And with Augeri quitting due to health problems, the door opened up, yet again for a new vocalist. Honestly, most bands would have called it a career. Steve Perry remains a recluse, and according to some internet postings from old promoters and producers, a very difficult recluse to deal with. Perry's voice has also lost some of it's range, which in no way is an indictment of Perry, but a fact of nature. However, there are exceptions to that. Steve Walsh of Kansas can still sing Carry On My Wayward Son with all the range he's ever had with added growl. But for the most part, singers of this genre can't do what they once did. Peter Cetera no longer sings in the higher octave of his old songs when in concert. And his replacement, Jason Scheff has already begun to have some difficulty handling the old Chicago catalogue. So Schon's you-tube find is more extraordinary in scope when considering how close Pineda is to Perry. Journey's recent appearance on Ellen had shots of the audience looking on, many with their mouths hung open in stunned disbelief. The more I hear Arnel, the more I appreciate his minimalist Perry imitation and his ability to mimmick different Jouney eras. For instance, Pineda purposely sings in a slightly more immature Perry for Lights and Wheel In The Sky. He then adds some bottom end to Be Good To Yourself and Only The Young. By the way, these hits are available in the Revelation Wal-Mart triple disc package including the new album, the hits, and a concert DVD from their recent Vegas concert.

The new material in this collection will not dissapoint the Journey afficianado or novice looking for some retro cool. Never Walk Away is a distant cousin to Be Good To Yourself with more Neal and less Ross. But it works on every level. Pineda closes the deal on the chorus and instantly takes you somewhere between Frontiers and Raised on Radio. Change For The Better showcases a revitalized Neal Schon with spiritual subject matter that shows a more middle aged approach to songwriting. The change in focus is nice for someone like myself who is tired of the ragged themes that uglify our current crop of so-called pop superstars. Better would work on any rock station willing to chance the old boys. It will be interesting to see if Journey can make in roads where bands of their age have no business being. The Eagles did some chart damage, but were mostly hustled to AC and country. This album has the potential to unite kids with their parents. But my guess is that top 40 programmers will laugh when the promo singles arrive. It's sad, stupid and depressing. But the good news is you can have the whole thing for $11.88 at Wal-Mart. After All These Years is another song that will likely be played at weddings, reunions and the like. The lyrics drip with the syrapy sentimentalism that departed from rock years ago. Like a Sunshower has a Lights-like intro and melody. Fresh and familiar and loaded with great hooks. Wildest Dream is a nod to producer Kevin Shirley who combines the old with the new to make something truly unique. Faith In The Heartland is a re-recorded gem from Journey's last outing Generations. Pineda's vocal gives the song more authenticity and brings home the message of heartland values. Schon's work here bobs and weaves between historical Journey and his solo work. Where Did I Lose Your Love is a semi-ballad with a killer hook that could easily be an outtake from Frontiers with fantastic backing vocals and Pineda's confident lead. Oh, and check out the Neil solo, nice. What I Needed is another power ballad under girded with a some fantastic moody guitar and keys. Jonathan Cain also seems reinvigorated by Pineda's dead-on delivery and all the players are more comfortable writing things that are harder to play and sing. Schon carves his solo like a surgeon with a new laser beam. Turn Down The World Tonight has Jon Cain tickling the ivorys underneath a warm Pineda delivery that will bring you closer to the Journey heyday than the actual years themselves. Finally, Neil goes solo on Revelation (The Journey) an instrumental containing all of what Mr. Schon is about. Texture, melody, almost an ethereal spirit that flows from Neil's guitar. This is a fitting conclusion to this collection. Journey at full tilt. Each song is potentially a hit. Even amidst the current crop of pop star wannabes this album rocks. This collection could revive interest in older bands and melodic rock. Journey has found new life and new purpose thanks to Arnel Pineda. His addition to the band is more than just a revelation, it's a resurrection.
Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: mon116ph on June 06, 2008, 09:12:33 AM
Some of the internet sites are having positive review also in the Album.

Hopefully, Arnel could be the first FILIPINO to be in Top 1 spot of the BILLBOARD CHART,not in singles but in album sales.


Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: Deadwing on June 07, 2008, 03:27:58 AM
Even some of the more open-minded Journey fans (meaning: the ones who aren't holding their breath waiting for Steve Perry to return to the fold) are actually enjoying the new set of songs and the re-recorded classics.  I'd like to see the DVD that comes with the package.
Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: Poundcake on June 07, 2008, 05:30:46 AM
Man, I'm hooked to this album. I've been exclusively listening to Revelation for the past three days and I feel that I'm listening to a Journey album that has already been immortalized (such as Frontiers, Escape, Raised On Radio, etc.). Arnel Pineda has given new life to Journey. "Never Walk Away" rocks!
Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: Jim Ayson on June 07, 2008, 06:04:54 AM
I found a copy on BitTorrent. I'd buy this album myself but the question is it being sold and promoted in the Philippines at all? Journey is no longer on a major label, and it appears this is an indie label with indie distribution. There is an opportunity here for an indie company like Alpha Records or Ivory Records to get the distribution rights for this. Maybe it'll move CD sales again :-)

Maybe GMA Records might want to pick this up (paging Kedy Sanchez)

Is anyone here on Twitter? (I am, see my sig below)

Anyway, here are some messages about Arnel and Journey picked up on Twitter via

Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: Jim Ayson on June 07, 2008, 07:49:28 AM
Here's a cool article on CBS news about the album and Journey's resurgence:

Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: Jim Ayson on June 07, 2008, 03:40:02 PM
And here's an article on the making of the album from Modern Guitars magazine, featuring an interview with the album producer Kevin Shirley:

Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: mon116ph on June 10, 2008, 07:40:00 AM
Here are the response of certified and hardcore metalheads in

There maybe 200 username likes Arnel and about 5 username hates Arnel.

Title: Re: JOURNEY's new album is out!
Post by: kaffee on June 15, 2008, 08:00:58 AM
...Is anyone here on Twitter? (I am, see my sig below)

Anyway, here are some messages about Arnel and Journey picked up on Twitter via
mine: /kaffee.
I see that you use summize, too. :)

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