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here's mine.

.....99% are instrumental...

...isang cover na with my voice...pangpatay sa langaw and ipis.


--- Quote from: Deacon Blues --- Wow, nice electric clips!

Care to enlighten us about your gear setup, Perf?  :)

Were these rock clips recent?
--- End quote ---

Fairly recent recordings 'to. Within the past couple of years or so.

RE GEAR: Iba-iba e. Yung "Disco Ball" yung pinakabago, Ibanez 7 string (7420 yata)na kinustomize (changed the shape and headstock, nilagyan ng flame maple veneer yung top for looks, stock neck pup, tone zone 7 sa bridge) then VAMP2 straight to PC.

Yung "Stormy Monday" at "Four on the Floor"MIM strat with Fender Hot noiseless pups pasok sa Spider II 15w then line out papunta sa PC

Yung "Featherweight" ang pinakaluma: stock Spirit Steinberger headless na may strat body (ala Vito Bratta) pasok sa Yamaha MagicStomp (na binili ni Stringman) then straight to PC.

--- Quote from: Deacon Blues ---It's amazing how you can tread both genres well and not be confined to the 'limitations' of each ...

Very few classical guitarists can play with that same fire, feel and conviction on electric, and vice-versa ... although Steve Morse comes to mind ...

Care to enlighten us mortals about how you lead a 'double life' so well?  :)
--- End quote ---

Thanks for the compliment!

Well, for one thing, I think I was lucky enough to have developed my own electric style before I embraced classical/flamenco. This gives me a "base" to go back to whenever I pick up my electric.  I know what I have to do in case I have to get my electric chops back up to snuff.

My classical/flamenco still needs a lot of work before I get as comfortable as I am on electric but I think I'm getting there.

As for the "double-life" thing, I don't know if I'm leading it that well but I do my best. Comprehension is the key, as long as you understand the inner workings of the music you're playing I guess you can get away with some things.

But you do need to prioritize one style. I'm a full time concert classical guitarist, I do electric on the side because: a)it's fun, b) I still get electric students so I need to be on my toes still in that genre.

Thanks again!


--- Quote from: markthevirtuoso ---

Love your work! Lalo na yung electric. Very elegant naman yung dating nung sakin nung classical works mo. :D

Your music is promising.  Kaka-inspire. :D

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Marc! ;)

vinCe-uv7bk: :oops:


--- Quote from: vinCe-uv7bk --- :oops:
--- End quote ---

cool tracks bro.  finally, mga heavy na soundclips.  Ang tiyaga mo dun sa Erotomania. :lol:


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