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Para sa mahilig sa road, dirt, urban ride dito tayo... :-D
share your biking activities na din, tsaka pics!
start ko na po. :-D

ever famous Sta. Rosa trail

my mtb and and my son's bmx


Details naman about the your bike tol...


--- Quote from: pedaldeaf3 on February 23, 2011, 03:42:46 PM ---Details naman about the your bike tol...

--- End quote ---

Frame: Vision Pursuit 2010
Fort: RST Launch
Stem: Scott
Handlebar: Kristel
Grips: Specialized Sidewinder
Crankset: Shimano Alivio 2010 model
FD: Shimano sis
RD: Shimano Acera
Brake Lever/Shifter: Shimano XT
RIMS: MOB anodized red
Tires: Hutchinson Iguana 2.0
HUbs: generic


i've started mt.biking about 3months ago..destination Nuvali Solenad,TREVEIA, Paseo, Cardiac, Bird Sanctuary.

here's my old but ever reliable mtb,..planning to shift to fullsus soon...

Happy biking!

@ karlwilson
nice rig ser!!! balak ko na din mag FS, kaso wala pa budget..ahihihi
ride safe palagi.


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