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How do we get more people to sign up, rather than lurk?

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--- Quote from: yahoo! on May 29, 2008, 08:49:43 PM ---+1!! para makakainterest sila kung anu un hindi nila makita hehehe :-D

--- End quote ---
onga para mapilitan talaga mag register.

or pwede limited time lang sila  pwede mag-lurk base sa ISP nila.

bakit di na lang kasi mag-sign up? eh ansaya-saya dito, parang life.

may naka private forums na actually, yung AG forums. hahaha

may expiration date pa naman yung mga unused accounts di ba?

ahm siguro let's make them feel that everybody is welcome to join and this site is a healthy community of musicians that is willing to share what they know. bow  :wink:
unlike the OTHER site. peace  :-P

para sa mga newbie tulad ko!  :-D

MAke it so that they can't lurk. Only registered members can view posts and topics.


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