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 Is there anybody who can help me to have a copy of jingle's beatles songbook?dito ko natutong maggitara eh!

i still have a copy from national bookstore i bought years ago.. wla na ba nito? It really is a great songbook.mga 90% accurate ang chords. I also learned guitar with this together with other jingle songbooks like folk,rock & country and Rock & roll :)

where do you live ba? kung wala ka talaga mahanap pa xerox nalang naten :)

beatle, nandito ko sa ireland, kung pwede scan mo lahat ng pages(cover to cover sa jpeg files) tapos isend mo na lang dito sa email address ko;, tapos icharge mo na lang ako kung magkano lahat and I will really appreciate that.

"ey buddy, sure i'll scan it for you no prob. Just give me time and remind me from time to time coz i get busy with work. medyo marami marami ding scan yun! plus i don't have a scanner so papascan ko pa. no prob dude, just helping out another beatles fan."

thanks my friend,even up to now, namimiss ko talaga yung beatles songbook na iyon, orig talaga yung mga chords,dito sa ireland puro palpak yung chords,iba talaga yung jingle,meron akong "links" ng buong mp3 ng beatles send mo lang email address mo sa akin, thanks again in advanced!

chad evans:
ako din natuto talaga ko dito sa Jingle Beatles songbook na 'to...ito yung kulay pula and ang cover you pics nila sa Let It Be di ba? may illustration pa ng chords yun every song...sayang yun ganun ko nung nag-lipat bahay kami di ko alam kung saan na napunta.... :cry:


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