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Jazz and Blues Cafe / Re: Most famous jazz band in the Philippines?
« Last post by MaxMidletone on Yesterday at 10:07:46 PM »
The AMP JAZZ BIG BAND (Asosasyon ng Musikong Pilipino) Headed by Mel Villena. Check them out at Facebook :) The group is composed of veteran musicians such as Mel Villena, Ronnie Marqueses, Joey Quirino, Jun Austria, Simon Tan and many more. Sobrang husay nila hehe

Yes sir. The best yan AMP. Lahat ng magagaling pinagsama-sama
UPPPPPP :razz: :razz: :razz:
Classifieds: Guitars / Re: FS: Squier SE Strat = 5k REPRICED
« Last post by af_villaruel on Yesterday at 07:51:57 PM »
Guitar Central / Re: MOOER GE200 Amp Modeling and Multi Effects IR loader
« Last post by broduo on Yesterday at 04:53:36 PM »
gusto ko bilhin mooer ge 100.

gusto ko bilhin mooer ge 200.
Classifieds: Guitars / Jackson DKXT Bloodline (Pre-Owned)
« Last post by luismetalkid on Yesterday at 04:41:03 PM »
Price is negotiable. New units of this are priced at around 36k in JBMusic.

Sound sample here:

Total Metal Mayhem. Won this beaut in the 2015 Dutdutan Shredfest. Gig'd only a few times, used twice on TV, Nothing changed or modified. At the price I'm selling, its the perfect first guitar! The neck feel of this is awesome, I can say its the most comfortable of all my guitars. No lousy Floyd Rose Licensed bridge, instead a totally stable and sustaining TonePro through-body bridge. Crank your amp's gain and the original EMG pickups will kick in crystal clear notes and brutal chunking riffs.

I'm not using it too often anymore as I've got my DZPL Guitars already. Plus, it doesn't really fit the image I'm trying to project :) hehehe.

It's got one awful ding on the arm-side of the body (see picture below). I don't know how it got there, but it happened at the backstage of that TV show where I left it to eat when I came back its just there. If you think that's a deal breaker, then this guitar isn't really for you. It's for going wild on stage while not worrying about getting your guitar scratched. Or strapping it on your shoulder while skateboarding.

Sale Post on FB for more pictures
Guitar Central / Re: Les Paul Club Thread
« Last post by pallas on Yesterday at 04:08:11 PM »
I personally prefer a more faded outer edge but if it plays well get it na

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Itís verging on clownburst style, gotta be careful there I guess. Iím too scared to actually go and look at those guitars in person.
I might get pulled in. I know they look totally different in person. Those photos are not very good.
Guitar Central / Re: Sterling by MusicMan guitar users thread
« Last post by iccurtepnhoj on Yesterday at 12:12:12 PM »
Guitar Central / Re: True Acoustic Tone
« Last post by mozart123 on Yesterday at 12:12:05 PM »

gagamitin ko lang sa bahay.
Guitar Central / Re: MOOER GE200 Amp Modeling and Multi Effects IR loader
« Last post by mozart123 on Yesterday at 12:02:28 PM »
gusto ko bilhin mooer ge 100.
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