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"THE strategy" -- my newest song:) pls

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Ayos ang tunog. I like the way you implemented your flanger. Parang nasa airport ako, hehe. Sabi nga ni Mark-Holdsworth, ganda ng phrasing mo. Parang nagbabasa ako ng poet... except in a music kinda form, hehe. Ayos! keep it up.

wauw cool! kakaiba!
keep it up bro!

thanks mga bro:) salamat sobra i really appreciated it.:) 8)

...don't know if you saw this post at Yupangco about this song here it is in case you haven't read it yet...

"lawrence...good job....awesome guitar work....very creative...wish I can shred like that....keep it up dude."

thanks PHIL!:) happy to hear that:) thanks for the kind words!


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