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I am Tim Lyddon. lyddon. Im offering jazz piano lessons and regular piano lessons also improvisation on any instrument. harmony, theory , improvisation. Also group classes are available. I have played at major jazz clubs in Los Angeles, New York and  Tokyo.  I have studied with Jaki Byard, Harold Danko,Charlie Shoemake, Spud Murphy and Clare Fischer. I am a  graduate of the Manhattan School of music. 09183595948

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--- Quote from: drewgd on September 24, 2009, 05:36:18 PM ---is there someone who can give me tutorials on how to improvise on sax? i'm just a beginner.

--- End quote ---

Since beginner ka palang, go for the tone before anything else.  

you need to find a teacher who can  teach you the basic, scales, chords , tone production, proper caring of your instruments etc..then saka na ang improvisation pag medyo ok ka na.. i will send you some pdf files books if you want lang bro..
P.S. - kung ayaw mong makinig!!!! self study ka na lang then  hanap ka ng place na puedeng tugtugan para matulad ka dito... panoorin po natin!

Im a newbie wala talga alam sa sax pero im interested to play sax
dati ako drumer pero i want to learn sax and im looking for
teacher na pwd mag turo :D PM lan
and i give my contact THX

mga sr mg papaturo lng po sana ko trumpet

bago lng po ako n buga

txt lng po ung mura lng

tuwing hapon after work sana

salmt po

txt lng po ung mura lng po bayad ah ^^



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