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Guitar Central / Re: MXR Super Badass pedal
« Last post by guitargad on Today at 08:42:07 PM »
i have the overdrive and distortion. they are both great. better than some overpriced bowteek od and disto pedals.

Thanks!   :)
Free-for-all Artists forum / Re: Anung Soundtrip Mo Ngayon???
« Last post by nicoyow on Today at 08:07:39 PM »
Beat Crusaders - Hit in America
Guitar Central / Re: Did I just waste 600 pesos?
« Last post by nicoyow on Today at 07:55:44 PM »

Hi po...on the contrary, rubber reacts to nitro finishes (or is it the other way around?  :-D) badly. That's why it is often advised to cover the padding portion of guitar stands/racks/hangers with something if the guitar is nitro finished.
ow sorry. Don't have any idea that rubber damages nitro finishes though.  :lol:

Skybox, if you have plans of selling it. let me know. My bandmate wants a clip tuner.  :-D

We are looking for a drummer who is interested in joining a band that would like to venture into the Metalcore sub genre.

Related sub genres are also fine (melodic death metal, deathcore, etc.).

If interested, please feel free to reach us through a private message.

Thanks everyone!
Guitar Central / Re: Home Recording (Bedroom Players)
« Last post by stL on Today at 06:47:21 PM »
My humble set-up:

Interface: Roland Duo Capture Mk2
DAW: Sonar X1 LE
Mixer: Yamaha MG06X
Monitors: Roland RH-5 Headphones / Bose Companion 2 Series III Speakers
Mic: Shure PG81
Others: Shure Pop Filter

Guitar Central / Re: Latest na nabili ninyo para sa guitar (kahit ano lang)
« Last post by stL on Today at 05:46:49 PM »
Whirlwind Connect Ultra Series cables
Classifieds: Guitars / Re: FT: Epiphone Korina Explorer MIK black
« Last post by kingadams on Today at 05:42:41 PM »
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