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Need help fellas. as you may have noticed, my kit looks absurd with all those mic stands and it is for this reason that i embark on a new quest for Microphone Drum Rim Clips/Mounts.

I've tried Perfect Pitch park square/megamall, JB park square/megamall, Audiphile makati cinema square...lahat wala. If i'll buy naman here in uk, it will cost me 500pesos per piece and sa ebay uk naman 1500pesos for a set of 4. ang mahal noh?!

in this regard, i hope you guys would be able to help me source this in Manila. I need about 6-8 pieces. Please let me know where I can get them and how much. Thank you so much.  :)

Here are some pics of it:

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,

Bangbus  :)

meron nyan sa audiophile. ibang brand lang. yung samson. try lazer, they have their own version too. I saw them at audiophile in festival mall in alabang.

those holders are from CAD microphones. unfortunately, there's no dealer here that carries that brand as far as i know.

Tarkuz Toccata:

--- Quote from: marvinq ---meron nyan sa audiophile. ibang brand lang. yung samson.
--- End quote ---

Samson DMC100

any idea magkano itong mga clips nato?

thank you!  :)

Tarkuz Toccata:
P950 per pack (3 pcs.)


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