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Let's revive Philmusic nights .

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Alright guys. I'm back. Recovering law student here.

I somewhat have the time now to return to my first love. Music.

History. Circa 2006 and onward, we used to organize a once-a-month General Eyeball for Philmusicians. It was at Purple Haze at Morato. We had to stop when the place closed down, but needless to say, we had lots of fun. between 7 to 10 bands played during those events, all indie and all were members of this forum. I'm certain several bands were formed and maybe some who met at these events got married.

Even during the interregnum, I retained the dream to revive these events and have been talking to bar owners about the possibility of having it at their place.

but let's have it steered by the community. The current place I have an approval in principle is Route 196 at Katipunan. Let's hear if this is OK with you or if you have other suggestions.


sir kailan kaya to? hehehe


yes, buhayin ito!

makikita ko na mga maestro ng PM tumogs. ahahaha  :razz: :razz:


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