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New Filipino Musician Social Site

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User Profiles: Working
Newsfeed and posts: Working
Stories: Working
Marketplace: Working
Ads: Working
Forums: Working but no boards yet
Live: Working but deactivated

Status: In development


Android App: (soon)

You will be one of the first members of Musica PH

Step 1: Register account here:

Step 2: Comment your username in this thread for activation

Note: Do not login via social (FB and Google). Will be soon implemented after domain and DNS are up.

good concept to create a network for aspiring and pro musicians. is this also accessible for music fans?

Thanks marzi. To view pages they must register as a member although most features are only useful to musicians. Is there a certain feature you would like to suggest for fans?

interesting  :-D
if there's anyway I could help, let me know.
Fullstack Dev here  :-D

very nice! it seems you also made it responsive aswell seeing your usage of the navigational drawer (sidepanel).

im a ux/usability professional.


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