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guys, i decided to create this thread para sa mga gusto magtanung at matuto mag acoustic and soundproof like me.. ive been doin research sa net, and ngtanung narin dito dati regarding studio acoustics.. i hope mag post rin tayo dito ng mga ginawa nating mga DIY acoustic/soundproof... pics or ideas.. now, gumawa ako 6 panel basstraps sa ceiling sa studio, ginamit ko yung design ni ethan winner...  now my question is, how to test it effectivity??

ill post some pics later.. marami pa ako tanung like how to soundproof yung main door sa studio.. pakita ko rin pics later...

i hope this thread will help many musikero's!


--- Quote from: Agent_So on November 25, 2006, 10:48:12 AM --- gumawa ako 6 panel basstraps sa ceiling sa studio, ginamit ko yung design ni ethan winner...  now my question is, how to test it effectivity??

--- End quote ---

Agent So,

Yan din sana yung itatanong ko sayo eh. According to you, its a bass trap. Now my question is, anong offending bass frequency (or room resonance modes) ba reflected from the ceiling(???) ang kinonsider mong ma treat? Have you consider calculating your room's resonant mode before? Dito mo malalaman yung behavior ng resonance modes after ma-excites ng sound yung  room mo which cause frequency-response peaks and dips and this affects the frequency modes up to 300Hz, beyond this, it tends to become so dense that it dont cause problems. This explain why we always concentrate more on treating the bass problem in a room.   

To test your room behavior(kung nagawa mo sana muna to before then thru comparison, malalaman mo kung effective nga ang bass trap project mo), you need a Test CD with diagnostic tracks like covering Bass Decade with 1/3-octave warble tones at -20dbFS ( 20Hz, 25Hz, 31.5Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 125Hz, 160Hz and 200Hz respectively). Also, a sound level meter (Radio Shack, Cat.#. 33-2055...hint:cheap) will help you to plot your rooms resonance modes. For hi tech approach, a spectrum analyzer with calibrated mic's will do but at a cost . Hope this helps.     


mga sir ask ko po kung pano isoundproof ung ceiling. mukhang manipis lng ung ceiling dito eh, kisame tapos konting space den yero na agad. pano po kaya sir? and kapag concrete po b ung pader ok na un? di n kelangan pang lagayn ng soundproof ung pader? di nmn kelangan totally na masoundproof, important lng hindi maingay sa labas, khit konting may naririnig ok lng basta hindi nakakaistorbo. tnx! :)

mga sir,

same question as above, how much does a concrete wall take off the sound?? would a loudly played drum set still be annoying on the other side?? (lets take that there's no bleed off the ceiling).

and would a nice big couch work as a bass trap??Also, where would be the best placement??(in a mixing room)
or how do i find out where?? can I go around the room and listen to where bass is the loudest??


People need to go to school, or at least learn a little Physics first. 

Just as a simple check, try playing a really good bass guitar through a great sounding bass amp.  Then find out what notes in the bass guitar seem to shake the walls - that woukld give you an idea what resonant frequencies have to be corrected.


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